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Eliminate The Stress Of Teaching Math


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Learning as Easy as 1-2-3 - A Plus Math

A+ Makes Learning as Easy as 1-2-3!

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5.The interactive review for each lesson reinforces math concepts to give your students a solid foundation in math.
6.Automatically graded worksheets and chapter tests provide additional practice to master the math concepts with step-by-step solution to each problem.

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Take it Easy. Relax and Let A+ Interactive Math Do All the Work!

You don’t need to be a teacher or even understand math to use A+ Interactive Math. A+ teaches, tests, reviews, grades and reports progress, so you can relax and focus on what’s important.

The Value of Using Coupons As A Math Tool

Coupons really add up.

I remember helping my mom collect coupons out of the Sunday paper as a child. I was intrigued on how much money we could save on our grocery bill. To this day, I enjoy grocery shopping and bargain hunting. What a great way to model addition, subtraction, and multiplication in a real world scenario.

Here are a few tips for your homeschooling coupon adventures.

One of the best uses of coupons is for purchasing grocery items you already use.

Look for stores that offer you double the value of the coupon. 

Some stores only offer double and even triple coupon values on specific days of the week so make sure you take advantage of them if at all possible. You will be amazed at how quickly this type of coupon system can help you slash your grocery bill.

Price bumps

It is very important that you make sure the store isn’t inflating the prices on their items though because if they do you won’t save much with the coupons. Don’t be tempted to use a bunch of coupons in items you don’t normally use though or your grocery bill may end up increasing!

Where to find them

You can get coupons from magazines and newspaper ads. Pay close attention the to the expiration dates on them as well. If you have access to the internet go to the sites for the products you use. Many of them offer coupons that they will mail to you or that you can print at home. If these sites offer an opt in list for you to get promotions and coupons by e-mail then take advantage of it.

Some retail stores that welcome coupons offer a counter where you can take your unwanted coupons for other people to use. At the same time you are welcome to pick up various coupons others have left to make your own purchases. There are great coupon organizers that you can use like a mini filing system. You can categorize the coupons by the listed areas as well as create some of your own categories. This will reduce the amount of time you spent going through them while you are shopping.

Competitors Coupons

Many retailers are more than willing to honor the coupons for a competitor so that you will purchase the item from them instead of the other store. The best way to approach this issue is to take the coupon into the store with you. Ask to speak to a manager and explain that you really want to make the purchase from them but that the other store offers a much better price. In most cases they will at least match the price of the competition. Other retailers will even beat the price to encourage you to remain a loyal customer of theirs.

Theme Parks and Zoos

Any time you plan to visit a museum, amusement park, or other activity check to see if there are coupons offered anywhere. Many times you will find buy 1 get 1 free coupons for such outings and that can be a great savings for your trip. You can usually find this out by looking online or calling the chamber of commerce in the area of the event. Online auctions like Yahoo! Auctions and eBay offer you plenty of opportunities to take advantage of discount coupons that others are selling as well.

Eating Out

Restaurants often offer discount coupons to get people to come in and eat. You do need to pay close attention to the details of the coupon though. Many of them will have specific days of the week they can be used. Some of them also have a set time frame where they can’t be used after 4 pm or something similar.

If you take the time to seek out coupons for items you will already spend money on then you can get the rewards of spending less while still getting all the things your family needs. You may think it is silly using a $.75 cent coupon here or a $2.00 coupon there but it will really start to add up over time. When you consider the amount of money you spent on groceries, eating out, and entertainment for a whole year those coupons really start to sound good!

And if you let your children participate, perhaps even coordinate, your couponing, they will develop a healthy sense of the value of money as well as real tangible math skills.



3-month Plan!

1 Student - $29 (regularly $59) – OR –
Unlimited Family Plan (up to 10 students) - $49 (regularly $99).
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Math Of Life

Here are a few articles out there that I thought I would share with you.

Incredibles 2 Asks: What's the Right Way to Solve a Math Problem?

Everyone knows I like to analyze the trailers of upcoming movies-in particular, movies that I'm excited about. In this case, it's Incredibles 2. I have high hopes for this one since the first Incredibles was really great. In the trailer, we see Mr. Incredible doing his job-helping out with math homework (that's one of the things dads do).

Focusing on the language skills of English Learners key to boosting math scores

Credit: Ashley Hopkinson/EdSource Boosting the language development of students whose first language is not English is critical if California is to narrow the wide and persistent gaps in math test scores between its nearly 1.4 million English learners and their English-proficient peers.

U.S. Team Takes Second Place at European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad

WASHINGTON, DC - The U.S. team took second place at the European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) held April 9-15, 2018 in Florence, Italy against teams from 52 countries. In addition to second place team honors, each member of the four person team was awarded a medal for their individual performance on the challenging mathematics exam.
Keep in mind A Plus Interactive Math is the best self-learning option for Homeschool students.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Bring Innovation to Your Life

Everyone Can Innovate

It's not just about using the next tool. It's about finding the tools to make like more efficient. A Plus Interactive Math can be a tool for a homeschooler's innovation strategy.


It's a talent that we all have, yet many think they don't. The power of innovation. If you've ever marveled at somebody's creative genius, guess what, you can create and innovate too. It just takes time. Everyone is born creative. The box of crayons in kindergarten were not limited to those who possessed potential; because the truth is,

Everybody has potential.

Remember how long it took to learn to ride a bike or drive or to never commit the same mistake again? It's the same with innovation. It takes a  bit of practice and a lot of time before this mind function comes easily  when called. This article will teach you a few tips on how to bring innovation into your life.

Don't listen to what other people say. Follow your own call in this life. Allowing for the negative input of other people will only bring cacophony to the music you are trying to make. If you have an original idea, don't waste your time and effort trying to make people understand. They won't. And the help you will probably get comes in the form of negative feedback. If all those geniuses listened to their peers, we would probably still be living in the middle ages.

Spend time on it. I cannot stress that enough, although, please do not mistake this tip to tell you to quit your day job entirely. Do not. This involves some tricky time management but with a little discipline you'll be able to squeeze both in.


Take a walk. Run a mile or two. Send all those endorphins coursing through your veins. Exercising certainly clears and relaxes your mind and allows for anything to pop up.

Record your dreams. 

Aren't some of them just the craziest things that your conscious mind would never have thought of? If you've had these dreams before, and I'm sure have, this only shows you the untapped innovative power you have lying within. So jot down those notes. Those dreams may just create an innovative spark in you.

Find your own style. 

You can always tell a Van Gogh from a Matisse. You'll know Hemingway wrote something by the choice of words on the paper. So it is the same with you. People will appreciate your innovation more because it is uniquely yours and that no one else would have thought of what you were thinking. That will let people see how valuable an asset you are.

Don't hide behind nifty gadgets or tools. 

Take writing, for example. You don't need the most expensive set of paints to produce a masterpiece. The same way with writing. You don't need some expensive fountain pen and really smooth paper for a bestseller. In fact, J.K. Rowling wrote the first book of the Harry Potter Series on bits of tissue. So what if you've got an expensive SLR camera if you're a crappy photographer? Who cares if you've got a bling bling laptop if you can't write at all? The artist actually reduces the number of tools he has as he gets better at his craft: he knows what works and what doesn't.

Nothing will work without passion. 

What wakes you up in the mornings? What keeps the flame burning? What is the one thing that you'll die if you don't do? Sometimes people with talent are overtaken by the people who want it more. Think the hare and the tortoise. Ellen Degeneres once said that if you're not doing something that you want to do, then you don't really want to do it. And that's true. Sometimes you just want something so badly that you become virtually unstoppable. And that is passion. Passion will keep you going.

Don't worry about inspiration. 

You can't force it; inspiration hits when you least expect it to, for those unpredictable yet inevitable moments you should prepare. An idea could strike you on the subway, yet alas, you poor unfortunate soul; you have no sheet of paper to scribble down a thought that could change the world. Avoid these disasters. Have a pen and paper within your arm's reach at all times.

I hope this article has helped you bring more innovation into your life. Keep in mind that you're doing these things for your own satisfaction and not anybody else's. But soon enough they will notice, and everything should snowball from there.

We're not talking specifically about Math here, but math can be your inspiration. If it is your inspiration, it can be your innovation. Perhaps math is that necessary factor that you need in order to progress in your dreams.


Whether you are a fan of math, or you need math to help you succeed in other areas, A Plus Interactive Math has innovative tools to help you succeed at the best possible pace - your own. 

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Each course provides 1 year access online for a very affordable price of just $9.99 to $19.99. However, in most cases students can complete each mini course in 2 to 3 months.
Math Mini Courses Online Include,
* Multimedia Lessons that teach math concepts with fun, colorful and engaging computer animated video lessons.
* Interactive Review to reinforce learning.
* Worksheets to provide extra practice to help master each math concept.
* Automatic grading and tracking with easy-to-read progress reports.
* Solution Guides provide detailed step-by-step solutions with visuals to each problem on worksheets.
* Printable worksheets and tests for practice offline.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Study Time: Revising For Online Education


Everybody knows how midterms and final exams work in the world of school-based studying, but very few individuals looking to take an online educational or training course may be slightly perplexed as to how the system actually works. Very few course descriptions will specify exactly how the assessment process actually works in detail. In fact, many just state exam or coursework as the method of assessment. To clear up any confusion and to help you to prepare for an online course exam, this article will act as a guide.

online testing


it is important to establish the method of assessment. There should always be some method of final assessment if a course is to have any credibility whatsoever. Some may actually use a final term paper as assessment, which will be set to complete by a specified deadline via email or an online workroom, if the individual school that you are enrolled in actually has an online workroom. However, if there are tests or final exams, then you will need to find out the method in which the tests will be carried out.


Regardless of the nature of the exam or test that you sit, it is essential to prepare. The first thing that any individual facing an online examination should do is ensure that he or she has the correct equipment available to use. This will include the necessary PC or laptop and Internet access that can be relied upon not to go down. This may mean testing your home computer and Internet connection as well as making alternative arrangements at a local library or friend's house as a back up. When you have that in place, you can move on to the revision aspect of the exam.



You should know the assessment date when you enrol on any course. Once a test date is set, you should plan to begin your study timetable at least two weeks before. As you will be working at home, there are more distractions so you will need at least this amount of time to prepare properly. You should have all of the necessary resources you need at your fingertips by the time you commence study.


The most important thing to do in terms of studying is formulating a timetable. A timetable can really help you to do the required amount of revision before the test. You should set aside at least an hour a day for the first week and then up to two hours a day for the second week. This is flexible, but any more and your brain will refuse to absorb all of the information. You could use the Internet to confirm facts and join discussion groups to help you absorb information and vary the nature of the revision. However, it is important that you actually stick to the amount of revision even if you cannot stick to the originally planned times. With no lecturer to recall or ask for help, you cannot afford to do less than an hour a day if you want to pass the test.


Studying for an online exam can really take concentration so you may choose to go to a library or somewhere else quiet so that you can fully concentrate on the task in hand. There is no way of getting away from the fact that an online course is just as important as a campus program and the same due care and attention should be paid to the course material. The whole point of an education is to better yourself, so there is no point if you do not show this dedication to your development.

A Plus

A Plus Interactive Math is truly a great solution for online learning. Thousands of hours has gone into the design and development in order to provide an easy to manage assessment system.

A+ Makes Learning as Easy as 1-2-3!


Why do thousands of families Love A+ Interactive Math?
1.Students LOVE and ENJOY our video lessons as they are colorful, fun and engaging.
2.It saves you your valuable time. It eliminates the stress of teaching math. Students learn independently at their own pace.
3.You don't have to teach, the program does EVERYTHING for you - teaches, reviews, grades, tracks student progress and more..
4.Our curriculum teaches your students with easy to understand and follow lessons.
5.The interactive review for each lesson reinforces math concepts to give your students a solid foundation in math.
6.Automatically graded worksheets and chapter tests provide additional practice to master the math concepts with step-by-step solution to each problem.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Is Continuing Education Worth the Money?

Have you decided that it would probably be a good choice to pursue some sort of continuing education? 

Do you ever doubt that decision at all? Are you are going to take just a few courses or pursue an all-out degree soon? The one thing you do know for sure is that it will cost you money in your already tight budget.

Sure, you understand that continuing education is important for everyone, however, maybe you're still not sure if it is worth the extra money you put out to pay for it. Well, it is. No matter what, the money you put toward your continuing education will come back to you tenfold.

How will your monetary investment come back to you? 

continuing education in math
Aymanjed (Pixabay)

Well, it could be in a variety of ways: you could receive tuition reimbursement from your employer, you could earn a promotion with a pay increase, you could find a higher paying job or you could simply have the personal satisfaction that comes with pursuing education.

Check with your company's Human Resource department to see if your company offers a tuition reimbursement program. If they do, ask what the guidelines are to participating in this program. For instance, you may have to be pursing a degree in a certain field or you may need to have been employed there for a certain period of time before you will qualify.

The best part? You continue to receive your paycheck and you are completely reimbursed from your company for your expenses. Of course, there is nothing better than getting something so valuable for free.

Or, you could earn a promotion with a pay increase after you complete your continuing education program. Say you pursue a graphic design certificate program to help you in your job. Your boss may just be so impressed with your new skills that she will increase your salary and give you a job where you can use your newly acquired skills on a daily basis. However, make sure the pay increase is in line with the degree you have just received.

Continuing education degrees also give you more bargaining chips when negotiating a new job offer. If you have a Master's degree and the rest of the applicants only have a Bachelor's, you obviously should be making more money for the job. You could make several thousand more for the same position than you would have without the degree. If you "do the math," you will find that your monetary investment will pay for itself in just a period of months or a year or so.

Finally, you could find the best satisfaction with your continuing degree program by realizing that you are smart and were able to pursue your dreams. This will give you the kind of esteem boost that nothing else can. You will feel smarter, more worldly and aware than you did before. And of course, you are all of those things because you went ahead and pursing continuing education on your own accord.

Whatever your reasons, continuing education is always worth the money. Paying for your education will always mean something when you are old and gray. A flat screen television won't have the same benefit when you are ninety.

While A Plus Interactive Math is designed within the traditional school grade system framework, it is a reasonable option for continuing education for adults. Some have used it to continue their knowledge in math. Others have reported that they enjoyed A Plus for brushing up on their forgotten math skills. This often can be helpful for a parent to teach his home schooled students better.

A Plus Interactive Math is certainly one of the most cost friendly methods for continuing adult math education.