Thursday, July 6, 2017

Must have Math Curriculum Bundle – Top 12 Reasons!

A+ Interactive Math has been serving the homeschool community for over 6 years now with various products to meet the needs of just about any homeschool family at the LOWEST COST. Starting out with a very simple single product, it has steadily released well-researched and well-crafted innovative products to meet your unique needs – Online, CD Software, eBooks and Printed Curriculum Bundles.

Many homeschool families prefer more traditional “Hard-copy Textbook/Workbook” approach (and for the right reasons) to their homeschooling despite easily accessible fully automated computer curriculum products. A+ Interactive Math is here to serve you as well if you prefer this traditional “Hard-copy Textbook/Workbook” approach – at the LOWEST COST!

Let me introduce Math Curriculum Bundle – A complete package with Textbook, Workbook and Solution Guides!

Top 12 Reasons – You must have Math Curriculum Bundle from A+ Interactive Math!
  1. No more guess work – You get a comprehensive Curriculum Bundle with Textbook, Workbook and Solution Guides CD (PDFs) – ALL for one low price!
  2. Curriculum Bundle provides an affordable way to homeschool in a more traditional setting (pencil-n-paper) without kids being on the Internet.
  3. Textbook contains lessons that are easy to follow. Lessons refer to examples from real-life where possible which makes learning math fun and relevant. – You don’t have to be a teacher to teach!
  4. Workbook contains practice worksheets that help reinforce math lessons in the textbook.
  5. Workbook provides plenty of working space where students show their work and it keeps it all-together for future reference.
  6. Workbook also provides chapter tests that cover all lessons in a chapter. This is great to ensure student hasn’t forgotten what was learnt in previous lessons.
  7. Workbook provides “answer key” to each worksheet and test question to quickly check the final answer.
  8. Worksheets and Chapter Tests provide just enough practice to help your student “master” math concepts without overwhelming them.
  9. A CD with Solution Guide PDFs allow easy access to step-by-step solutions to each worksheet and test problem. No guessing!
  10. Each Solution Guide PDF is numbered to match the corresponding Worksheet and Chapter Test in the Workbook. This allows you to easily find just what you need.
  11. The Textbook and Solutions Guides are re-usable. You can even resale it. This saves you money. All you will need is a workbook when re-using for another child in future.
  12. The curriculum from A+ Interactive Math is “proven” and “trusted” by over 10,000 homeschooling families.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

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NEW Homeschool Curriculum Marketplace – 50% to 60% off, many items under $5 – Curriculum w/ Video Lessons and Practice Problems, Textbooks, Workbooks, eBooks, Unit Lessons and more!!

AplusLearningHUB  - Offers educational products at HUGE discounts (50% to 80%) for homeschooling families, classroom teachers and students where many products are under $5. The products include complete Online Curriculum w/ Video Lessons and Practice Problems, Adaptive Placement Testing w/Individualized Plan, Textbooks, Workbooks, eBooks, Unit Lessons and much more…  

AplusLearningHUB  offers mainly 3 types of products:
  1. Shipped Products
  2. Downloadable Products
  3. Online (Internet-based)

Shipped Products
Shipped products are physical products that we ship to the customer such as printed Textbooks and Workbooks. We also have math curriculum program on a CD for Windows computer that we ship to the customer.

Downloadable (PDFs)
Downloadable (PDFs) products are essentially eBooks that can be downloaded. They do not require shipping. Customers receive a secure link to download site via email upon completing purchase. Examples of eBooks are Textbooks (PDF), Workbooks (PDF), Unit Lessons (PDF), Math Practice Sets (PDF), and Quick Reference Guide (PDF).

Voucher (Online, Internet Based)
Online products are easily accessible via internet from any device that is connected to high-speed internet from anywhere. We offer several options in this category such as Math Curriculum (Single Grade), eBooks Math Curriculum), Family Math Packages (All Grades), Math Placement Test w/ Lessons, and Mini Math Courses.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

NEW - "Math Mini Courses - Online". Target "Weak" areas in Math! A Total of 20 Mini Courses Available!

What is it?
Math Mini Courses Online from A+ Interactive Math are affordable and excellent way to close learning gaps in particular areas of Math where students may have weakness. Each mini course covers a logical group of specific math concepts from several grade levels. It offers an in-depth review of math concepts from a very basic to a more advanced level. Mini Math courses help build a strong foundation in Math by providing students with consistent review of the specific areas in which they're weak.

Each mini course includes 10 to 35 video lessons with interactive review, practice problems that can be completed online or offline, step-by-step solution to further reinforce the math concepts, and automatic grading & tracking with easy-to-read reports.

What Do I Get?
There are a total of 20 Math Mini Courses available Online from A+ Interactive Math. Each Math Mini Course provides 1 year access online for a very affordable price of just $9.99 to $19.99. However, in most cases students can complete each mini course in 2 to 3 months.
Math Mini Courses Online Include,
  • Multimedia Lessons that teach math concepts with fun, colorful and engaging computer animated video lessons, audio and text with frequent reference to examples from daily life to help with retention.
  • Interactive Review for each lesson that helps students/parents identify and close learning gaps.
  • Worksheets that provide extra practice to help master each math concept.
  • Automatic grading and tracking with easy-to-read progress reports.
  • Solution Guides that provide detailed step-by-step solutions with visuals to each problem on worksheets.
  • Full text versions of lessons that provide additional flexibility for those who like to read through the lessons.
  • Printable worksheets and tests for practice offline.
 Here is a list of all 20 Mini Math Courses?
  1. Counting and Identifying Numbers, For Grades 1st - 3rd,    15 Lessons
  2. Place Value and Number Combinations, For Grades 1st - 3rd, 15 Lessons
  3. Naming, Comparing and Arranging Numbers, For Grades 1st - 3rd, 17 Lessons
  4. Early Elementary Fractions, For Grades 1st - 3rd, 10 Lessons
  5. Early Elementary Addition, For Grades 1st - 3rd , 17 Lessons
  6. Early Elementary Subtraction, For Grades 1st - 3rd, 15 Lessons
  7. Elementary & Middle School Multiplication, For Grades 2nd - 6th, 13 Lessons
  8. Elementary & Middle School Division, For Grades 2nd - 6th, 15 Lessons
  9. Tables, Charts and Graphs, For Grades 1st - 6th, 17 Lessons
  10. Elementary Geometry, For Grades 1st - 4th, 19 Lessons
  11. Elementary Algebra, For Grades 1st - 4th, 27 Lessons
  12. Advanced Geometry, For Grades 4th - 7th, 35 Lessons
  13. Advanced Fractions, For Grades 4th - 8th, 26 Lessons
  14. Decimal Numbers, For Grades 3rd - 7th, 20 Lessons
  15. Percentages, For Grades 5th - 8th, 13 Lessons
  16. Time, For Grades 1st - 4th, 20 Lessons
  17. Money, For Grades 1st - 5th, 18 Lessons
  18. Number Types and Conversions, For Grades 3rd - 6th, 35 Lessons
  19. Ratio, Proportions, Probability & Statistics, For Grades 3rd - 6th, 14 Lessons
  20. Measurements and Conversions, For Grades 2st - 6th, 23 Lessons

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Answer to the MOST important question - What should My Students Learn for their Grade Level? FREE Math Lesson Plan...

Most homeschool moms  are super busy trying to make sure that their students are getting quality education at home. Oftentimes, they do not have time to thoroughly research  and learn what their students should be learning at each grade level. It is absolutely critical that you know what is expected at each grade level and make arrangements to provide the learning materials that cover all appropriate math concepts adequately.

You DON"T have to guess any longer. Click the link(s) below to get the FREE Math Lesson Plan.
1st Grade Math Lesson Plan
2nd Grade Math Lesson Plan
3rd Grade Math Lesson Plan
4th Grade Math Lesson Plan
5th Grade Math Lesson Plan
6th Grade Math Lesson Plan

This thorough lesson plan for each grade level tells you specifically what your students should be learning. It completely eliminates the guess work on your part. It provides a lesson plan week-by-week.  However, you may adjust the timing as needed to match your student's learning pace so long as you cover ALL of the math concepts by the completion of the homeschool year.

There are numerous  math curriculum options available to you and this  plan can be used with any math curriculum to check and make sure the curriculum covers all the math concepts. As a matter of fact, you can create your own math curriculum using this plan if you like.

How to use this FREE Lesson Plan?
You can print the lesson plan and use it to track weekly activities. The lesson plan  provides a plan along with the “unit” name  for each week. Each week then provides specific math lesson names along with the space where you can provide a completion date.

There are mainly three parts to learning,
1. Learn the math concept.
2. Practice problem solving  where you apply the math concept.
3. Check progress and review as  necessary.

After you complete each lesson (learn the math concept and practice problem solving), simply note the completion date  in the space provided for each lesson.

At the end of the week, check progress and review as necessary. Also, you may make appropriate notes in the space provided.

Looking for Unit Lessons for Math?
Everything you need  - ALL ready for you! Lessons (PDFs), Worksheets and Solution Guides for only $1.99 each unit.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Math Curriculum for under $2/month (Only $19.99 for a whole year of math) - Curriculum eBook & Automatically Graded Worksheets & Tests, Step-by-Step Solutions, Reports, and more...

Most homeschool moms often find it difficult to homeschool math on a tight budget particularly when you are homeschooling multiple kids. They are looking for a math resource that can do most of the work for them and save them time. Automatic Grading N Tracking of all the worksheets and tests with step-by-step solution to each problem is a HUGE time saver.

Now you can get this awesome COMPLETE math curriculum for Just $19.99 for a Whole Year of Math.It includes curriculum eBook (lessons in PDF format) with Worksheets & Tests that are Graded and Tracked by this program automatically. Parents/students can review each completed assignment with step-by-step solution to find mistakes and correct the issues. This is a HUGE TIME SAVER & A BIG WINNER for Busy Homeschool Moms on a tight budget.

It creates, assigns, and grades assignments (worksheets and tests) and tracks student progress for you so you don't have to. This will easily save you 2 to 3 hours each week and get rid of all the frustration of checking and tracking student work. You do have to teach, but wait there is help! The curriculum eBook includes fun, colorful and engaging lessons that make teaching math a breeze with easy to follow explanations and lots of visuals.

You may purchase this low cost program for Just $19.99 (Reg. $59.99) for Whole Year of Math - this special 67% OFF promotional offer will end soon!!!

You get a lot for just $19.99 for a whole year - A COMPLETE Math Curriculum with,
* Curriculum eBook (PDF Lessons)
* Worksheets & Tests - Already generated for you (online or print PDF)
* Parent can generate and assign worksheets & tests (optional)
* Students complete worksheets online or offline (printed PDF)
* Step-by-Step Solution to each problem
* Automatic Grading & Tracking (HUGE Time SAVER)
* Easy to read reports
* Plenty of practice to master math concepts

This will be the BEST $19.99 you would spend on a Math Curriculum! Guaranteed!

Why this new program and what’s so GREAT about it?
Most homeschool moms spend a minimum of 2 to 3 hours for each child homeschooling Math. For under $2/month, this program can give you most of that time back with Unlimited worksheets, tests, step-by-step solutions and automatic grading & tracking. The curriculum eBook (PDF Lessons) with fun, engaging and easy to teach lessons makes this a complete and ONLY math curriculum you will need – ALL this for just $19.99!

FREE Math Placement Test – Most comprehensive program with multi-grade level “adaptive” testing to identify student’s current skill level.  It then creates an “individualized” lesson plan to target problem areas with everything included. Individualized lesson plan available for small fee.