Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blogger Opportunity & Exciting Giveaway Celebration

Prizes included- Approximate Value $700.00 

  • Kindle Fire - downloaded with A+ Math supplements (Value $225) 
  • A+ Interactive Math by TutorSoft -  1 yr grade level choice 1st-5th (Value $125.00) 
  • HEDUA well planned day family planner (Value $26.95) 
  • Currclick $25 giftcard
  • A Journey Through Learning - 2 lapbooks (2 winners - Value $25) 
  • Family Time Fitness -  Platinum Fitness Package and $25 FTF Gift Card ($127 & $25) 
  • Heritage history - CD or ebook not 100% sure what he is offering
  • Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett - USAB pack of Unit Studies 101, Portfolios 101, and MP3 set
  • Bright Ideas Press - Christian Kids Explore Creation Science 
  • Creating a Masterpiece - winner choice of a level 1 dvd
  • Brimwood Press - calendar quest
  • Educents - $50 giftcard
  • EEME electronics kit and 1 month curriculum 
  • A+ Multiplication software (Value $21.99)  
  • Math games download 
(more prizes being added every day)

  1. Everyone who attends the party will receive a Math games download, A+ Multiplication supplement, and a coupon code for EEME electronics project kit with 1 month curriculum! 
  2. Enjoy fellowship, talk homeschool, have questions answered about curriculum and best homeschool practices
  3. Enter to win a Kindle Fire loaded with A+ Interactive Math supplement ebooks 
  4. Enter to win prizes worth hundreds of dollars 

We are super excited about our new site launch and hope you will join us for this back to home-school celebration!

 Blogger Opportunity: 

Sign up to promote our Kindle Fire Giveaway & Facebook Party and receive 1 free entry (your social media of choice) in our Rafflecopter! We are looking for a team of bloggers to share an announcement post (which I will email to you with graphics and information - you can personalize for your blog) and to host the Rafflecopter on their blogs from Aug. 12 - Aug. 16 at Midnight. Also to share on your FB, Twitter or via email to help drive traffic. Rafflecopter will be sent to you as well - just copy and paste.

No cost to you - grow your facebook followers (or other social media) through our Kindle Fire Site Launch & Back to Home-School Party. You can even purchase extra social media entries for $5 per each. Put your blog name & Facebook page in front of thousands of people with a post that is practically written for you. Give your readers a chance to win the Kindle Fire and join in our Facebook party to win hundreds of dollars worth of other prizes for their homeschool families. Participant families are able to enter as well. It's a Win Win Win Opportunity!
*Blogger must be primarily a homeschool blogger

Blogger form- If you plan to purchase extra links please leave your paypal email in the space provided - your information is safely recorded here & will not be seen by others