Sunday, July 21, 2013

Free e-book to help your child learn math

We always have our eyes open, searching for ways to help your children learn math. Team member, Kathy Balman @Kathy's Cluttered Mind  came across this FREE ebook  to share with you:

Helping Your Child Learn Math--with Activities for Children Aged 5 to 13 cover

It lists various activities to help your child do better in math. 

Have you seen our individual lessons? 

We are currently running our Multimedia Interactive lesson Introduction to Multiplication for only $0.50
This lesson will teach your student Introduction to Multiplication as normally taught in K through 2nd grade MATH. It makes learning MATH fun and easy. Only available through our partners at CurrClick here. 

Multiplication is one of the critical points in the foundation of your child's math education. The A+ Interactive Math team is doing all we can to provide valuable and affordable resources for the homeschool community.