Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summertime Math - Fun in the Great Outdoors

The connection between spending time in the great outdoors and healthy minds and bodies has long been made. Summer is the perfect time to get outdoors and play. Get outdoors . . . and feed your mind. Have some fun with math in an organic way. You might even win over a few kids who think they “don’t like math” with these cool ideas for incorporating it into your summer play:

Ways to have fun with Math this summer 

·         Use stones, acorns, or shells for math manipulatives
·         Explore angles by creating squares, triangles and so-forth, with sticks
·         Explore natural angles by going on a walk to take or draw pictures of right angles found in nature. Hint: look small, discover much!                         
·         Find shapes in nature and catalogue them in a nature journal by creating a chart
·         Enjoy chalk math games in the driveway or at the park
·         Water balloon math: Draw a square grid or round target with several rows/rings. Write numbers intermittently around the target. Kids throw the water balloons at the target. Practice number
recognition, addition, multiplication or division.

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