Sunday, August 11, 2013

20 Classic Books for FREE - middle & high school literature

FREE for Kindle or PC & Tablet! This collection of classic books, can be read by our modern day students in a format they can appreciate, and provide an education in great literature that every mom can appreciate. For a limited time, after downloading the book for free - you can purchase it in audio for only $.99! I'm currently listening to an excellent delivery of "Treasure Island" by Robert Lewis Stevenson, with my son and am extremely impressed. It's the best $.99 we've spent in awhile. 

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Although they are classics, parents should read the details of each description to be sure they are appropriate for your child's maturity level, and coincide with your personal family values and beliefs. Faust comes to mind. And, even in Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know the first story has a wicked mother who stabs a goat with a knife. It is then followed by other stories such as Hansel and Gretel, and is packed full of other classic fairy tales. There are some who do not agree or like these old tales. Again, these have been chosen for Middle - High School students to give them a myriad of classic literature to familiarize themselves with. They will enjoy some, more than others.

The ability to download the audio books for only $.99 to go along with the text version will help them understand the older style and get the attention of more reluctant readers. I require them to read via text as well as audio, but it can be done by switching seamlessly back and forth on the Kindle.

These free books can be a wonderful addition to your language arts program, and $.99 on audio books (regularly about $16.95 for most of these titles) well, that's just good math!


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