Friday, August 16, 2013

Amanda Bennett Prize Pack Giveaway: Unit Studies 101, Portfolios 101, MP3 set Unit Study Basics

Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett  makes fabulous unit studies that are downloadable and ready for immediate use. is your one-stop shopping place for Amanda's unit studies, as well as a place to read her latest articles, connect with other unit study users, and keep in touch.

Unit Studies 101 – Unit Studies 101 is a tell-all book! Amanda Bennett offers her world knowledge on the basics of unit studies, how to research and create your own unit studies, how to use unit studies effectively, and much more!

Portfolios 101 – For many parents, the concept of preparing a portfolio for each year of learning can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. Whether you want to create a portfolio simply to capture the year of learning as a keepsake or for a school record or evaluation, this easy-to-use guide has been created just for you!

MP3 set – Unit Study Basics on MP3: We have taken three of Amanda’s favorite presentations and now offer them as downloadable MP3s. Are you needing: encouragement, ideas, fresh insight, unit study how-to’s, or a chat with friends?

Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett

Enter the giveaway below to win a USAB prize pack including Unit Studies 101, Portfolios 101, and our MP3 set. Total value - $45.85

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