Friday, August 16, 2013

Heritage History CD and eBook Giveaway

Heritage History is an online library website that is home to the largest collection of traditional history stories anywhere on the internet. They have resurrected hundreds of engaging, but formerly out-of-print children's classics and made them available to homeschoolers, teachers, and students of all ages.

Heritage History has donated two prizes:

Young Reader's History Curriculum


The Young Readers collection is the introductory unit of the Heritage Classical Curriculum. It is intended for grammar school students who are reading fluently and would benefit from a broad introduction to leading events and characters of Western Civilization. The Young Readers library includes easy-to-read, engaging selections from many of the other libraries in the Heritage History curriculum series.

M.B. Synge's Struggle for Sea Power E-book


This is the fourth book in M. B. Synge's delightful Story of the World Series. Beginning in the mid 18th century, it focuses on the age of European colonization, of the Americas, Asia, and Africa. Its special focus is on British histories so events in stories having to do with the colonization of Australia, South Africa, and India are featured. The second have of the book deals with the ongoing wars between Britain and France, including colonial wars in America, the French Revolution, and the campaigns of Napoleon.

Heritage History Homeschool Curriculum

Enter the giveaway below to win a Young Readers Curriculum CD and M.B Synge's Struggle for Sea Power eBook from Heritage History. Total value - $27.99

Open to US only due to shipping cost for CD.

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