Friday, August 9, 2013

Supplies - Giveaways - Curriculum: Every Homeschool Mom's Dream! Check out the fun from MommyTime Facebook Party!


We are working SO hard getting our BRAND New digs up and running - that I totally did not have time to post this ahead of schedule. But, the good news is . . . the giveaways are open all week & you can head to the Facebook pages to read Great tips and information from experienced homeschool moms.

It's important to answer the questions presented - because you never know who NEEDS to hear about your experience (good or bad) I learn something helpful. Every. Time.

Sarah Robinson @Sidetracked Sarah is hosting:
 1 Full Year of A+ Interactive Math Curriculum Giveaway!  

and . . . Multiplication Supplement for Elementary & Middle School  Giveaway to ALL who enter the Curriculum Giveaway - You can't loose!

and . . . You can download the Math Number Cards Games -"likers only" on our Facebook page here
There are 6 math games included with these attractive cards to play Memory, addition, subtraction, multiplication games & so forth. We will be laminating ours to extend their life expectancy.

There are a lot of really great sponsors for the MommyTime Party Here     Here  Here  & Here

A+ Interactive Math - Online Curriculum options: 
  • $12 Monthly - NO contract                             
  • $30 Quarterly 
  • $124.99 Annually                     

                                 Use Sarah's Code for 20% Discount on your order

Mark your calendar's - You are invited to come celebrate our brand new web site launch & enjoy a "back to homeschool" party with well over $1000 in Giveaway Loot! Get the 411 . . . here