Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Full Curriculum - 1 Year Math & Workbook with worksheets, exams & more- Giveaway

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  • Each full curriculum book offers comprehensive course contents for each grade level. It makes learning MATH fun and easy with colorful illustrations and easy to follow lessons.
  • The math concepts are demonstrated with sample problems to ensure students fully understand how to apply concepts to real world math problems.
  • Available Free for download -worksheets, exams and answer keys or purchase them in easy PDF for only $9.99 here

Our Full Curriculum Books offer the MOST affordable, comprehensive math curriculum for homeschool families who want to know for sure they have not left any gaps, and who want to build a strong foundation for their children in math education. 

We are Giving away 1 FULL Year Math Curriculum Book 
& Workbook with Worksheets, Exams & answer key 
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