Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cool free and discounted ways to Learn through Play!

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“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

Regular play is one of the best ways to get your children excited about learning and to help them retain what they learn. Below, you will find a handful of toys, games and books that have inspired learning in our family homeschool (and big discounts or freebies to boot!) 

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Read about pioneer life and build away - or just use them to keep kiddos occupied while you read aloud for any history, bible, science . . . Get this one FREE

Life of Daniel Boone, the Great Western Hunter and Pioneer
Pilgrims Lapbook - In the Hands of a Child - only $7.00 (50% off)  - works for multiple ages

Animals and Nature
  Get 3 for 2 Discount          Butterflies - FREE                Animal Habitats- FREE

Teach Sewing in Homeschool
BIG Discounts on Machines for Kids                Only $2.99                      Projects for Kids
  Product Details                                  

Save 85% and inspire a young         Flight video                      $.95 Audio
aviator to new heights!                     Free with Prime               The Glorious Flight

               The Glorious Flight: Across the Channel with Louis Bleriot, July 25, 1909
Sequence Game with Numbers                 Homeschool TIP:


Add a Kindle Fire to your list of cool homeschool tools and enjoy loads of free Kindle books and inspire your kids to read more. You can also read Kindle books from your personal computer - but the handy size of the Kindle Fire with access to the internet is a great addition to any learning environment.

Math is one of those subjects that can present a challenge when you need to be sure your children are getting a strong foundation. Playing math games can be a great way to supplement your math curriculum - and also present a wonderful opportunity to show them that math can be fun.


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 Elementary & Middle School Multiplication - Interactive MATH Software (Windows)

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That's a Full Year of A+ math - eBook format with step by step instructions for each math concept and downloadable worksheets and exams for your choice of grades K1 - Algebra 1!

Enjoy these freebies and discounts - I hope you gain inspiration from our collection of ideas and I hope you spend some time today with your children getting inspired to learn - through play!