Tuesday, November 5, 2013

FREE Solar eclipse math lesson & mini unit

Did you miss the solar eclipse this past weekend? 

Well, if you did, the good news is - it's not too late to take advantage of the information available out there right now to watch via video and to put it all to good use in a mini unit study for your homeschool. 

The even better news? I've put some of it together for you including links to trusted sources where you can access great information from the professionals - AND - it's FREE! 

Get out those compass and protractors to recreate your own version of the diagram above! Or just use a ruler and trace circular objects - the point is for your child to see how the angles on the straight lines intersect with each other to give us the umbra and the penumbra. 

Math makes the universe go 'round! This is a fun and simple (quick) unit study you can enjoy together and use to show your student how important it is to have an understanding of mathematics. Help them begin to recognize the geometric shapes they are surrounded with every day. 

The links included in the quick study will give you info to use in the notbooking pages below. Use them to help your student remember what they've learned. Help younger ones copy a few words, or a sentence or 2 at a time into their notebooking pages. If needed, you can even write while they dictate to show you what they have retained in the lessons. Use it how it works best for YOU! (That is how we use any and all homeschool resources in our family - we tweak it to fit our needs) 


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