Monday, December 2, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Event: Day 2 - Supporting The Home School Foundation and Giveaway

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The Home School  is the charitable branch of the HSLDA 

Their Mission: 
To bless homeschoolers and the cause of homeschooling.
Their Vision:  
To be a tool increasingly used by God both to address the financial hardships that hinder families from homeschooling and to bless the homeschool community

We intend to raise awareness for, and give support to this upstanding organization. 
Thank you for your help in spreading the word! Thank you to Family Time Fitness for stepping up to donate in a big way to both the homeschool community in general, and to the foundation. I am honored to take part in this endeavor with each of the companies who are giving to the community and helping to get the word out about supporting the foundation. 

Please see the list of participating curriculum companies on the landing page here

The HSLDA and The Home School Foundation fight for the rights of  and support homeschool families throughout the United States. It is fitting to celebrate that with these US themed freebies for everyone! 

Stocking Stuffers (freebies for everyone) 

Download free by clicking on the pictures or the links 

Pages of landmarks - to cut out and  match with the name and location. Fun for the whole family.  Among those not in the photograph above include the Gateway Arch, Niagara Falls, the Hoover Dam, the Washington Monument and more. 

This simple matching game will teach and delight the whole family. It's simple enough for the youngest homeschooler to enjoy - yet important enough for the oldest. 

Bonus freebie - Download the printable Presidential page below

Secret Santa Gift- daily winner

Family Time Fitness is Generously Donating a $25 Gift Card for today's Secret Santa Gift 
Please be sure to stop by their Facebook page to thank them for supporting the hs community and The HomeSchool Foundation - Visit the FTF site here

Please Leave a comment about Family Time Fitness - let us know if you have used it or leave a comment about The Home School Foundation in the comments below! 

Check back nightly as we announce the Days winner of the Secret Santa gifts (tonight we announce winner from Day 1 and Day 2 - in order to give plenty of time to raise awareness)

Right now you can purchase A+ Interactive Math for 60% off the already discounted by 20% price 

Enter the Big Giveaway 

Use one entry option - or use them all for additional chances to win . . . . .