Monday, December 30, 2013

Introducing the all new Family Packages from A+ Interactive MATH

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We are excited to introduce our all new Family Packages!

If you've been looking for a math program that will provide access for multiple students, give you the flexibility you need, and has affordable payment options . . . . . our family packages have the answer.

Our family packages begin with options for 2 students, and go up from there. Whether you have 2 or 12 students to teach - we have an affordable plan for you. For just pennies a day, you can give your children the comprehensive math curriculum that does the teaching for you, and uses all 3 of the main teaching models. Whether your children learn best through audio, visual, or text, their needs are met with A+.

Besides the extreme affordability of the family packages, the ability to change grade levels provides your students the flexibility they need to master content and move on at their own pace.

These plans meet the needs of the individual, while providing curriculum for the family as a whole.

Launch date is set for February . . . stay tuned for more details.

We are listening and we care about families in the homeschool community. Thank you for sharing with us, and letting us know how to best meet the educational needs of your family.

A+ Interactive Math curriculum gives your family the foundation you can count on!

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