Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas! The winners are IN!

We are happy and pleased to announce the winners of the Big Curriculum Giveaway 
 A+ Interactive Math is giving 1 full year of online curriculum to 24 homeschool families. 
We are also donating curriculum to The Homeschool Foundation  to help a total of 40 homeschool families within the homeschool community.  

Our good friends from Family Time Fitness and Hearts at Home 
Are also giving away full fitness curriculum to 15 homeschool families and donating 15 
to help families through The Homeschool Foundation.
Please be sure to visit them often, and think of them when it's time to purchase. 
They have a heart for homeschoolers.

A+ Interactive Math ~ 1 year online (may use now or activate next year) 
  1. Renae Richard- (Into the Fields)
  2. Dianna Auton 
  3. Robyn Adams 
  4. Naomi Allen 
  5. Kadonna Bailey 
  6. Shannon Hagood 
  7. Becky Milstead 
  8. Autumn Jones 
  9. Shannon Rice 
  10. Brenda Saball
  11. Terri Duncan
  12. Tonya Goodall 
  13. Kelli Allen
  14. Lacey Long 
  15. Heather Hoops
  16. Lyn Warmka 
  17. Leonard N Patricia Lemarz 
  18. Kim Mills 
  19. Jess McCarthy 
  20. Paul N Angela Ruggles
  21. Sara Marti
  22. Tamy Cordery 
  23. Kristen Eckstein 
  24. Jessica Anderson 
Family Time Fitness- curriculum package 
  1. Sarita Edgerton 
  2. TR Allen 
  3. Alona Peterson 
  4. Lisa Colpo 
  5. Sarah Stewart 
  6. Lettie Easton 
  7. Amy Lynn 
  8. Jennylynne Andrews 
  9. Amy Matt Sweeny 
  10. Jane S. Maritz 
  11. Jessi Taylor 
  12. Kristina Coupland
  13. Melissa Hogan 
  14. Michele Ranieri 
  15. HC 
Congratulations! You will all be contacted via email (hopefully before Christmas - if not, then directly thereafter) and will receive further instructions from there. I pray this help with curriculum will bless your family as it has my own.

We are grateful to the generous homeschool curriculum companies who donated to the 12 Days of Christmas. See all the links and company names again here. Remember, you have all been entered into the company emails and will receive a newsletter (usually with coupons or freebies). You can unsubscribe easily at any time, but we encourage you to put them to good use and gain valuable information and savings for your family, through them.

From all of us at A+ Interactive Math - Merry Christmas! 

Family Time Fitness - Fitness 4 Homeschool Book Version

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