Tuesday, January 28, 2014

FAMILY PACKAGES Math Giveaway and FREEBIE with Homeschool Survival

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Have you heard the news? 

A+ is launching the brand new Family Packages for the Interactive Math program!

What does this really mean for you? 

  • You will now be able to switch grade levels - at any time during your one year membership! 
  • You can have multiple students on various grade levels - at a discount! 
  • You can allow the program to do the teaching for you to encourage independent study, OR you can work along side of your young student. We even have printed workbooks available for purchase - or you can download them for FREE! 
  • You have access to the most comprehensive, flexible, and affordable math program available for homeschool families! 

I'm going to use a few more exclamation points!!! Because, it's REALLY exciting!!!

Giveaway and Purchase Details

Currently, we are hosting a giveaway with Homeschool Survival -  for one family with up to 3 students
The full value when calculated per student is $375 (retail value 1 student package $149.99) 

RIGHT NOW - You can get a Pre-Launch Discount at up to 80% off and begin using the program immediately, or save until later. 

If you win the Giveaway with Homeschool Survival - never fear - we will refund your money!!! 

It is a Win Win! Simply add the package with the correct amount of students to your cart - and your discounts will be automatically taken at checkout (with this link only)  - choose grade levels for each student later and change when needed! 

Interactive Multiplication FREEBIE

Furthermore - Get a FREE Interactive Multiplication Software download for Elementary and Middle School Students! 

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Enter to win the Family Package of Interactive Math (grades K1- Algebra1) 
for up to a Family of 3 - in the Rafflecopter below: 

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine Math Sheets &Multiplication FREEBIE

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and we think it should be fun! 

Use these free math sheets to drill beginner multiplication, beginner fractions, and to graph your favorite Valentine candy.  Download your FREE Printables HERE 

If you have not yet heard the good word about our New Family Packages . . . . 
be sure to find out what we have in store! 

Read about the Family Packages - 

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Benefits of the Family Packages by A+ Interactive Math Online

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As will all the A+ Interactive programs – you will find:  
üBuilds a strong foundation in math that you can count on 
üComprehensive Math Curriculum package for the whole family
üTeaches, Grades, Measures, Reviews &Tracks  student progress 
üEngaging & fun- multimedia lessons & interactive review
üMultiple learning styles to fit individual student needs
üSelf-paced program encourages independent learning 
üParental control & participation available,not required
üWork online or use printable materials or workbooks 
üMonthly and Quarterly plans available

Exclusive Benefits with New Family Packages:
üMaximum flexibility with these new Family Packages 
üAccess to all grade levels for each student (1st-Algebra 1) 
üAbility to change the grade level to fit student progress 
üExcellent for those needing review of previous grade levels
üPerfect for excelled learners to move forward at their own pace
üAffordable for any size budget –most affordable options 
üBuy now at exclusive introductory offer for future use  
üSingle student options – 10 students + for large family access to multiple grade levels with one low price 

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   Enjoy Pre-launch discount - Up to 80% off now! 

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Get a FREE Multiplication Software Download HERE
(YOU must use the above link for freebie and enter code) 
If you purchase the program through the BIG Discount link for up to 80% off - 
you MUST come back and go through THIS special link for FREEBIE separately. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Exploring Math: real life ways to teach your child to care about it

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Exploring math: real life ways to teach your child to care about it - doesn't have to be difficult or boring!

This week, we took a family trip to Disney World and the Disney parks. Now, we may call this a homeschool field trip - but we were there to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Of course, being the addicted  dedicated homeschool mom that I am, I could not help but to look for ways to incorporate learning.

I like to sneak it in when they least expect it!

As we looked around at all the fun architecture and designs around the place - it began to dawn on me that this was a terrific opportunity to point out the value of a good math education.

One look at the big geometrical ball over Epcot - and I was on a roll!

The boys had the opportunity to design their own race cars, to make changes which resulted in better speed, more power, improved aerodynamics and more. It was not hard to find ways to point out the math involved in the various activities we encountered on our adventure. There were plenty of other educational opportunities as well. Any time you can make learning fun - it is important to take advantage of the opportunity. They may not always want to stop to do a math lesson, but they are always interested in race cars, speed, and other cool things - all which involve math in one way or another!!

Mostly, we played. But, there were enough chances to point out where math had been used to create, or why math would be needed to accomplish the exciting exhibits we enjoyed - that I felt we'd had more than just a good time and I had made the most out of this family field trip.

Even when you can't leave home to find exciting examples of why math matters - you can help your child discover the everyday math around them. 

Have the choose a favorite meal - then plan a budget together to include that meal this week. It's a great example of how real math is used every day. It also offers the opportunity to teach them about budgeting and why it matters. 

These kinds of mathematical life lessons don't have to be complicated to be effective. Be creative, get the kids involved in looking for the math around them. 

While running errands, look for various geometrical shapes in the buildings you encounter. Discuss why they may have chosen those shapes or what makes a building strong. Re-create them with building blocks or play dough at home. 

Begin a sketch journal to record shapes found in nature or whatever you come across. Most any kind of math can be sketched or drawn. The point it to have them realize how much math is all around them. Help your child understand and value the reason to study mathematics - and you just may find they actually enjoy it! 

Check out this FREE & entertaining math video: 

Math is all around us. There is nothing random about it and using these kinds of fun ideas to show your kids why it matters can go a long way in helping them care about learning more of it. Although these are fun ways to explore math - it is important to include regular lessons with a math curriculum which builds a foundation they can count on. See the A+ Interactive Math site here for more & get your math curriculum at an additional discount! 

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Free Math Placement Test

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Aplus Interactive Math - free placement test

So, you've decided to use the A+ Interactive Math program. . . . .

How do you decide which grade level to choose? Whether using A+ Interactive Math, or not, the free math placement test from A+ can be extremely useful in determining if your child has any gaps in their math education. 

Our comprehensive test will pinpoint any weak areas in need of review, so you can decide which grade level your child should begin with and be sure to fill in any learning gaps. 

If you find that your child does have areas in need of work, we have several options to choose from. You can purchase the 1 month program for a simple review on any grade level, or the 3 month membership for a more comprehensive review. Register a parent account and a child's account for our FREE Placement Test  today. 

 Once they have mastered the concepts needed for that grade, then purchase of a full year program is the next step. 

Online program pricing: 
Our regular pricing runs from $12.99 per month, $49.99 for 3 months, or $124.99 each year 
Using any of our affiliate links will automatically give you a 20% discount - you can even get the affiliate discount on top of sales prices! We run several sales throughout the year. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get free printables, articles to help you in your math journey, and to take advantage of the sales. Find A+ affiliates on our Pin board here  or visit this blog regularly for specials and use the affiliate link on the side bar. 

free math placement test

More about A+: 
Our online math curriculum will do the teaching for you, maintains parental control through the parent account, and will track the grading as well. Students log in to the student account and choose the next lesson. A 10-15 minute animated math lesson will teach concepts using audio, visual, and text -effective for most learning styles. There is an immediate interactive review where the child practices the newly learned concept. They follow up with more practice with a worksheet which can be done online, or printed out. After each main chapter or section, there is an exam, which can also be done online or printed out. We recommend you have your student do each lesson with notepad and pencil in hand to show their work. 

We also sell the workbooks with each worksheet, and exam included. 

What if you have more than 1 student? We have brand new and exciting Family Packages coming in February to fit most any budget and provide flexible comprehensive math curriculum - you can count on! 

With the Family Packages you can purchase at a discount for more than one student, change grade level when needed, and enjoy the same A+ Interactive Program with full benefits.  Learn more about our Family Packages here

Real Refreshment for Moms - New Year exclusive discount

Happy New Year - Last chance to register for only $99.00!  This special price for Homeschool Moms will only last until January 10, 2014 – so don't delay!Real Refreshment for Moms with Real Refreshment Retreats is the perfect getaway for homeschool mamas.

If you have not attended one of these Apologia retreats - you are in for a special treat!

2014 will be my 3rd year and I can honestly say - it's something I look forward to each Spring. It's become my favorite "Mommy Getaway" and I incorporate ideas gained there throughout the year.

Unlike a regular homeschool conference, the retreat is geared strictly to moms, and more specifically, to homeschool moms. It is full of information and inspiration that goes straight to the heart of the matter.

Real Refreshment Moms

The fellowship and open dialogue about the trials and challenges we face as parents, in our marriages, and in our family homeschools - is a treasured resource. I've built lasting relationships with the women I've met there, because as Christian sisters, we bond over shared experiences.

New Year Sale – 2014

This is your final chance to register for the Real Refreshment Retreats 2014 for only $99.00!  You don't want to miss out on joining other homeschool Moms in a fun and relaxing retreat where you can: 
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  • All in a relaxing, beautiful environment.

Join us and enjoy Real Refreshment for Moms - and receive the encouragement you need 

real refreshment - with Rachael Carman

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