Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Free Math Placement Test

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Aplus Interactive Math - free placement test

So, you've decided to use the A+ Interactive Math program. . . . .

How do you decide which grade level to choose? Whether using A+ Interactive Math, or not, the free math placement test from A+ can be extremely useful in determining if your child has any gaps in their math education. 

Our comprehensive test will pinpoint any weak areas in need of review, so you can decide which grade level your child should begin with and be sure to fill in any learning gaps. 

If you find that your child does have areas in need of work, we have several options to choose from. You can purchase the 1 month program for a simple review on any grade level, or the 3 month membership for a more comprehensive review. Register a parent account and a child's account for our FREE Placement Test  today. 

 Once they have mastered the concepts needed for that grade, then purchase of a full year program is the next step. 

Online program pricing: 
Our regular pricing runs from $12.99 per month, $49.99 for 3 months, or $124.99 each year 
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free math placement test

More about A+: 
Our online math curriculum will do the teaching for you, maintains parental control through the parent account, and will track the grading as well. Students log in to the student account and choose the next lesson. A 10-15 minute animated math lesson will teach concepts using audio, visual, and text -effective for most learning styles. There is an immediate interactive review where the child practices the newly learned concept. They follow up with more practice with a worksheet which can be done online, or printed out. After each main chapter or section, there is an exam, which can also be done online or printed out. We recommend you have your student do each lesson with notepad and pencil in hand to show their work. 

We also sell the workbooks with each worksheet, and exam included. 

What if you have more than 1 student? We have brand new and exciting Family Packages coming in February to fit most any budget and provide flexible comprehensive math curriculum - you can count on! 

With the Family Packages you can purchase at a discount for more than one student, change grade level when needed, and enjoy the same A+ Interactive Program with full benefits.  Learn more about our Family Packages here