Tuesday, February 18, 2014

FREE Homeschool Printables: Olympic Math Pack

The Winter Olympics are a great opportunity for families to spend fun time together!

Homeschool families can take advantage of the Olympics to add some fun into their homeschool math time. 
I've created these free printables for exactly that purpose. 

You will find a combination of grade levels, beginning with preschool and Olympic worksheets that are appropriate up through middle and high school. Even if your students are very young, you can help them find ways to use the pages. 

Here are just a few of the pages - you can download the complete pack and print all or only the ones you need. 


 You will find links in the download to official sites where you can view the Olympic results online - you could even have your own family or neighborhood Olympic events and use those scores. One way or another, your students will practice recording and charting information, finding averages, and gathering statistics.

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A foundation you can count on

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