Monday, March 24, 2014

Bring Math to Life - All New Manipulatives Book and Activity Set

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A+ Interactive Math New Manipulatives - Books and Activity Sets are here, just in time for the Homeschool Convention Season! 

The Activity Book will walk you through many pages of fun-filled activities to engage children from grades K - 3 with hands-on learning that will bring math to life.

The Kit is packed full of useful tools to complete the activities in the book. It includes a scale, clock, blocks to teach place value, various geometric shapes, beads for counting, money and more! 

There is a CD available - which is an eBook version of the Activity Book - to print as many color copies of the activity pages as you need. The CD can be purchased by itself - or get it FREE when you pre-order the Activity Book with the Kit either here on the blog - or at the conventions.

Purchase a Full Curriculum Book to go along with your manipulatives or add an Online Family Package to ensure your child gains a comprehensive math education. 

Shipping is included when you order with the form below! 

If you are searching for the New Family Packages link - GO HERE to save up to 90% off! 
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1 student: $60
2 students: $80
3 students: $100
4 or more students: $120
Math for the Entire Family from $60 - $120