Friday, March 7, 2014

FREE Math Fact Memorization Scheduler and Number Cards for math games

A+Interactive Math - Free printable number cards for learning math facts and playing math games. Learn to use math manipulatives and print a flexible schedule for math fact memorization.

Print our number cards and laminate or use inexpensive contact paper to protect them for extended use. I picked up contact paper for $1 at the Dollar Tree and use them over and over again.

You will also find information about age appropriate, flexible guidelines to follow as you teach your child math facts. There are various number games, instructions, graph paper, dot paper, fraction manipulatives and more!

FREE for your family homeschool 

 Learn how to use tools you have on hand, along with these printable math manipulatives to enrich your child's math education. Help them develop a positive attitude about math!

Printable Cards To

  • practice math facts 
  • play math games 
  • learn numbers 
  • place value 
  • counting 
  • skip counting and more 

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Need a guide to schedule math fact memorization for your homeschool child?

Suggested guidelines as well as a chart you can use to plan and record progress are both in this downloadable bundle. Math facts don't have to be painful!

FREE Math Pack - Manipulatives and Math Facts Games

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Bonus Freebie Software: 

Get full math curriculum for the entire family - flexible plan
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