Wednesday, March 12, 2014

FREE Number Cards - Printable Manipulatives Bundle

A+ Interactive Math is stepping up to meet the needs of families within the homeschool community. Here's what a couple of large family homeschool moms who use the New Family Packages are saying: 

"I love A+ Interactive Math because it is efficient, easy for mom, fun and educational for the kiddos. It has been a lifesaver for our family and taken the stress out of teaching math!" ~ Holly Syx ~ When You Rise Up
"The kids love A+ because they are on the computer and they are still doing school. I love that once logged in to my parent account - I am able to see how each child is doing on each level, give them assignments, and even change grade levels if needed." ~ Stephanie Bowman ~ Bowmania

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Number Cards 1 - 20
Use these FREE number cards to practice counting, to increase understanding of the relationship between the number, amount, and number word.

Print and laminate the cards to create long lasting practice cards that children can use on their own or with a parent or sibling for easy mastery.
On the last page - students will write the number words and each number 10 - 20.

These FREE cards are great for the youngest of your students from Preschool through Kindergarten and First Grade. Preschoolers will enjoy counting the pictures that correlate with each number.  Kindergarten and First Graders can use the cards to practice reading and writing the number words.

GET Number Cards HERE

Need a guide to schedule math fact memorization for your homeschool child?
Get one free and learn how to use tools you have on hand, along with these bold printable math manipulatives to enrich your child's math education. Help them develop a positive attitude about math and a solid grasp of basic concepts! 

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Printable Cards To
  • practice math facts
  • play math games 
  • learn numbers
  • place value
  •  counting
  •  skip counting and more 
Suggested guidelines as well as a chart you can use to plan and record progress are all included in this downloadable bundle. Math facts don't have to be painful! Enjoy pages of ideas for math fun and help your child grasp an understanding of the basics with this FREE immediate download. 

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Exciting new product announcements . . . . 

Along with a line of brand new text books . . . . We are launching our New Math Manipulatives Books and Kits this Spring.

That's right - a huge book full of printed maipulatives and activities along with a kit full of beads, measuring tools, money manipulatives and more - for true hands on math fun! 

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