Wednesday, April 2, 2014

No More Fear - You CAN teach Math!

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A+ Interactive Math 
No Fear - You Really Can Teach Math!
Thursday 6:30 pm - Suite 700
Saturday 3:00 pm - Workshop Room 
 These sessions will encourage homeschool parents (whose 
nemesis is math) to teach math with real-life situations. 
Learn the tips and tricks you can use to teach math 
successfully, regardless of your personal comfort level 
with this subject. Learn about what to teach, how to 
teach, how to select a great math curriculum to fit your 
child’s individual needs, and when and how to use 
manipulatives for hands-on learning effectively.

Is math your enemy? I used to think it was mine! I'm excited to share with you, our family testimony of how we were called to homeschool . . . and the question that was on the mind of anyone who knows me well . . . WHAT About Math? 

You really can teach math to your children, and I can't wait to share how and why I know it is true! If you are in or near Spartanburg, SC for the April 3 - 5 Teach Them Diligently Convention, please be sure to stop by booth #602 and say hello. Let us answer your questions, and show you the program that was God's answer to my math problem. 

Join me in Suite 700 at 6:30 pm on Thursday and again at 3:00 pm on Saturday as I share why math is no longer my enemy and how you can have peace and success in teaching math to your children. 

You can register your family on site for $75 - or join us in Washington DC on May 15 - 17 for another great TTD conference (and the world's best field trip!) 

Can't make it to one of the awesome homeschool conferences this year?
We don't want you to miss out on the A+ Interactive Math Conference Discount with the program that does the teaching for you, offers complete parental control, and tracks the progress and scores for your children. 

Take advantage of our Family Package Conference Discounts today
 - Activate your 1 year when ready!

Family Packages - Math for the Entire Family!

1 student: $60                                         
2 students: $80 
3 students: $100 
4 or more students: $120 

Meet up with us at any of the following conferences & be sure to introduce yourself! We want to help you meet your homeschool and especially your math needs.