Thursday, May 1, 2014

FREE Math Program for Summer!

FREE Summer Math!
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Enjoy 3 months of FREE Math 4 Summer with A+ Interactive Math!

Get 3 FREE months math for 1 student or purchase comprehensive program for up to 90% off for the year. Enjoy a year of math for the entire family for only $60 - $120 total cost - no matter how many students you have!
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Family Packages- Ultimate Flexibility

The All New Family Packages by A+  allow you access to ALL grade levels from K1 – Algebra 1.
Strengthen your students foundation in mathematics. With access to ALL GRADE LEVELS you can back up to review concepts and close learning gaps - and then move students ahead to their own grade level. Go at your own pace through any and all grade levels K1 - Algebra 1, moving as often as needed.

No other program has this kind of flexibility with a complete math program, like A+ Interactive Math!

Find and CLOSE Learning Gaps

The FREE Placement Test will give you a comprehensive report - you will identify any weak areas and close learning gaps. Use this report to determine where to place your student, which concepts need to be reviewed, and keep for your records. It makes a wonderful report for your portfolio!

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Short Lessons - BIG Results

Students can spend about 30 minutes several times each week this summer to keep math skills sharp, play catch up, or get ahead!  Keep those math skills fresh this summer with the colorful video lessons, worksheets and more by A+.

By using audio, colorful video, and text, A+ Interactive Math will help your student comprehend and retain the math they are learning.

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