Friday, June 6, 2014

3 Months FREE Math for Summer: 1 Student Family Package

FREE Summer Math!

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Summer is in full swing, but you can keep those math skills sharp in just 30 minutes a day. 

Enjoy 3 months of FREE Math 4 Summer with A+ Interactive Math!

The All New Family Packages by A+  allow you access to ALL grade levels from K1 – Algebra 1 with the ability to CHANGE Grade Levels As Needed! 

The FREE Placement Test  will give you a comprehensive report and show any weak areas or learning gaps. You can then move your student to fill in learning gaps and attain mastery. 

No other program has this kind of flexibility in a comprehensive math program, like A+ Interactive Math!

Try it today for 3 whole months FREE – Right HERE. 
(Limited time, exclusive offer, NO Credit Card -1 free per family)

Build a strong foundation in mathematics with A+ Interactive Math!

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Let me know if you have questions as we use A+ in our family homeschool with 3 boys. I'm always happy to encourage homeschool families, and A+ has changed our homeschool for good. ~ Kelli B.