Monday, June 30, 2014

Better Math in 30 Minutes a Day - FREE for 3 Months

 Better Math in 30 Minutes a day - FREE for 3 Months
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Keep math skills sharp in only 30 minutes a day

Enjoy 3 months of FREE Math 4 Summer with A+ Interactive Math!
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Are you concerned about learning gaps in your child's math education? 
Are you tired of going over math concepts for hours at a time and ending in tears? 

You can close learning gaps, play catch up, review or get ahead in only 30 minutes of tear-less math time each day. Our comprehensive, interactive program helps students retain what they learn. 

The All New Family Packages by A+  allow you access to ALL grade levels from K1 – Algebra 1 with the ability to CHANGE Grade Levels As Needed! 

If you have a child who struggles with a particular concept, like fractions, you can back up to a prior grade level or more, and review the fraction chapters for a day, a week, or a month - whatever is needed. Move them RIGHT Back to the grade level where they need to be. It's the simple and effective way to catch up, fill in the gaps and move ahead. 

Each student can access grades K1 - Algebra 1 at any time to review and master concepts.  

Hear it  -  See it  -  Read it  -  Do it
Audio - Visual - Text - Interactive! 

  • 7 minute video lesson introduces the concept 
  • 8 minute immediate interactive review to engage student 
  • 15 minutes more on worksheet problems to practice concept 
  • comprehensive reviews 
  • chapter tests  

Make huge progress in 30 minutes a day
A+ does the teaching, tracks progress and keeps grades 

A+ Interactive Math - 3 months FREE & up to 90% off!!!

No other program has the kind of flexibility in a complete math program like A+ Interactive Math! 

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Build a strong foundation in mathematics with A+ Interactive Math!

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