Friday, August 29, 2014

FREE Math Worksheet: Writing Numbers 1 - 20

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Help little ones learn and keep them busy while your older students do their A+ Interactive Math lessons! Recognizing numbers and learning to read and write both numerals and number words - is an important part of Preschool through first grade learning. 

FREE Worksheet for your family homeschool: 

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Teaching Math at home Successfully

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For some parents, the thoughts of taking their child's math education into their own hands - is a frightening aspect of the homeschool endeavor. The good new is, it doesn't have to be! 

With the resources available for today's homeschoolers and with a few good tricks of the trade, you can enjoy success and the security of knowing you are giving your children a foundation they can count on. 

Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are - no matter how prepared you think you are - no matter how wonderful your curriculum may be . . . . . things just take a turn for the worst and suddenly - kids are crying, no one is cooperating and your family homeschool is taking a nose dive! 

What to do when things are NOT going well? 

If things aren't going well in your homeschool - step away from the books, leave the tears behind. It's time to RESET the TONE in your family homeschool. 

A few ideas on how to make that happen: 
  • Head outdoors for the park
  • Take a walk 
  • Bake cookies together 
  • Say a prayer  
  • Send everyone back to their rooms to take deep breaths & then come out to pretend it's a brand new day! 
  • Put on some praise or cheerful music 
  • Have everyone drop and do push-ups (make it silly and fun) 
  • Change subjects - if math is troubling you - go read a favorite book together 
  • Play a game - get out a board game (many of them are educational) 
  • Go pick some wildflowers 
  • Blow bubbles outside or dandelions 
  • Play hopscotch and sneak in some math drills 

When all is calm and everyone is wearing a smile - have a good conversation with the kiddos about tackling your school work together. Pull together as a team to accomplish what needs to be done so that you can spend more time playing together. Once the kids realize you are with them, and not against them, that you understand and care about their frustration - they will be much more willing and able to listen. And, once you've had a reset on your own attitude - you'll be able to determine exactly what course of action is needed most.

At that point - you can ALL get back to your homeschool with a whole new attitude! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

FREE MATH Lesson and Worksheet: Dimensions of Shapes

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FREE Math Lesson 

Step by step instructions teach the dimensions of shapes. The free lesson will explain the concept, follow up with a practice worksheet, and the solution guide explains each answer. 

Sample pages: 

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Check back often for more free lessons, worksheets and encouragement. We carry a full line of products to meet your math education needs.  Interactive online programs, cd software, eBooks, curriculum books, math manipulatives and more! 

Our family packages give each student access to all grade levels and allow you to move them back and forth between grades - as needed to fill in learning gaps and to give them a solid foundation in math. 

Prepare your students for higher math! Get a foundation you can COUNT on with A+ Interactive Math!

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Plans include monthly and quarterly options - NO Contract - Cancel any time!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Introduction to Geometry - FREE Math Lesson K-2nd

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Introduction to Geometry K-2 

FREE Math Lesson - worksheet and solution guide 
Step by step explanations on beginning geometry with a worksheet to practice what you learn, and a solution guide with step by step explanation for answers. 

Sample pages: 

  photo bandicam2014-08-2111-23-18-645_zps177ed4eb.png

No More Tears at Math Time

If you need a family math program that will take the tears out of math time . . . A+ Interactive Math is perfect for you! Complete lessons in 30 minutes (approx) each day. Watch a 7-10 minute video to learn a concept, immediate follow-up with interactive review on the concept where student completes about 8 - 10 questions, then follow up with a worksheet for another 10 - 15 questions.

Students don't associate the interactive review with the worksheet - so they aren't bogged down and discouraged looking at some 20 - 30 math problems on the worksheet. 10 - 15 worksheet problems are much more "do-able", yet student gets all the practice and interactive feedback they need!

HUGE Savings! 

Save even more with Quarterly or Annual programs! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekly Giveaways: Write from History Curriculum & FREEBIE

Write From History

This weeks sponsor: Brookdale House- Write from History series

In the Charlotte Mason style - children will learn to write by studying some of the "greats" - collections from famous and talented authors of the past. Who best to learn from - than the Masters themselves?

In this way - you are teaching an elementary student to write, and you’re also teaching history and handwriting - you can definitely save time with this homeschool writing curriculum and method of teaching.

It is an elementary program - intended to prepare children for middle school writing.

This writing program teaches grammar, spelling, penmanship, and history—all at once.

See more about the curriculum and get the details here.

FREE McGuffey's Primer Copy Book

McGuffey's Primer Copy Book

All of you will get a free McGuffey's Primer Copybook from Brookdale House. Just enter your email address below and we will send one your way.

Win a complete email set of the Write from History series--$160 value.

Covers of Write from History
A bit more about the Write from History series:
Based on the Charlotte Mason style of learning, students will study writings by famous and talented authors from history. They will then complete age appropriate assignments using oral dictation, writing summaries or additional writing.
In this manner - your history, spelling, reading, grammar and handwriting is combined - saving you time and money on curriculum and with terrific results!
From Brookdale House:
All Level 1 books contain historically relevant reading selections divided into four chapters: short stories, time period tales, poetry, and cultural tales. There are two writing models following each reading selection. One or both can be used for copywork. If the student is ready, the second model can be used for dictation.

In the Level 1 books, the two different writing models are presented differently for each reading selection. For the first model, children write in an area that has ruled lines below each word they copy. The second writing model is written at the top of the net page, and is followed by ruled lines in the lower half of the page. The second model requires students to write from memory.

All Level 2 books contain historically relevant reading selections divided into four chapters: short historical narratives, excerpt from primary source documents, poetry and cultural tales. In the Level 2 books, students in grades 3 to 5 are introduced in a gentle manner to interesting excerpts from primary source documents. These older students are encouraged to copy paragraph sized models written in either print or cursive. In the appendix are additional models which may be used for studied dictation.

On Sale Now

Those wishing to take advantage of the Back to School Sale - can purchase any of the products for 20% off HERE (with code)

backtoschool coupon!

Have you tried using the Charlotte Mason Method for writing?

Which of these periods in history interests you most?

Giveaway: $160 - Write From History Series

Enter with one link or enter with them all!

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By entering this giveaway, you will automatically be added to the author’s email list. By confirming your subscription, you will receive a second FREE ebook - An Elementary Writing Plan: Guiding Your Students from Copying Letters to Writing Essays! If you don’t want to receive the FREE book and email updates, simply ignore the confirmation email.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Star Spangled Math - FREE Math Cards

Addition and Subtraction cards to make math drills fun. Star Spangled theme is perfect for Labor Day - or good at any time! 




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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Singular Concept Math Software: Elementary Geometry

The Elementary Geometry Software teaches about basic geometry and common geometric shapes using colorful animated visuals. It introduces basic Geometry,then slowly advances on to more complex geometric shapes and teaches how to work with shapes normally taught in the upper elementary levels. The lessons cover plane and solid shapes, dimensions of shapes, identifying and working with shapes, and much more. (For Windows Only - will provide pdf math worktext for any MAC winner)

Win a copy of the Geometry Software at the Facebook Party 2 in 1 - with Frugal Homeschool Family and SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft! 

Over $2500 in homeschool prizes - Aug 14 

Get HUGE Back to HOMEschool Savings on Math

Monday, August 11, 2014

Jim Hodges Audio Books - Giveaway for Homeschool

Jim Hodges Audio Books Giveaway

This weeks sponsor: Jim Hodges Audio Books Giveaway - Win 2 Cds of your choice

Jim Hodges Audio Books 

Make History Come Alive with Henty books and more.....

When we first began listening to our new audio book, True to the Old Flag, we were captivated as we heard Mr. Hodges change his voice in so many ways. Whatever character he was reading about, he would become. Voice inflections, accents and all! We knew that we would NOT get bored! He has a way of making the story so interesting & the listener feels as if he or she is right there with the characters of the book. My son is always asking if we can listen to one more chapter, when it’s time for our listening session to end.

One of my hesitations to picking up a Henty book was because of the “old English”. Well, Jim Hodges Audio books has helped me out with that one, too! They have vocabulary guides to go with many of the Henty books that are available on their site. When we don’t know what a word means, we look it up in the vocab guide. Talk about a time saver! (Read more of this in depth review at Sidetracked Sarah)
What others are saying . . .
"What do you get when you cross a spellbinding story with an eloquent storyteller? You get Jim Hodges reading aloud a G. A. Henty book! We had to drive 6 hours this weekend and our family was enthralled! Mr. Hodges reads with a fluent style that charmed us all, from Drew (7 years) to Daddy (40 years).”
L. F. - Renton WA, TEACH Magazine

"A highly professional recording. Made history come alive for me and my sons. What a voice!"
D. J. - Fort Worth TX

"Whether you are out on a walk, riding in the car, or just sitting by the fire, you will be able to bring these G. A. Henty classics with you wherever you go. Jim Hodges has brought to life these Henty novels in unabridged, dramatic readings. The tapes are high-quality and well recorded with strong, clear reading - perfect for recapturing that "lost" time in the car."
God’s World Book Club

Jim Hodges Giveaway-Audio Books

Products for younger listeners

If you have younger listeners in your homeschool, check out the following audio books:

Our Young Folks Josephus

Yesterday's Classics

Still not sure how you will use these books in your homeschool? Try listening to this free recording about how these products can be valuable tools in your homeschool:

Jim Hodges speaks

10th Anniversary Sale!

Save lots of money on Jim Hodges Audio Books: go to the August 2014 "10th Anniversary Sale Page!"

This audio books giveaway will bless your homeschool with a resource the whole family can enjoy.

FREEBIE For Everyone!

Would you like to try one of his audio books AND study guides for free? All of us, get a free download of the book, Under Drake's Flag! Exciting, isn't it?

Under Drake's Flag

Setting: AD 1580 – Sailing ships, The Inquisition – Circumnavigation of the Globe.

Story: With hearty singing of Psalms, Drake and his crew greeted the Pomo Indians who resided in an area known today as San Francisco. Sir Francis Drake is the first English explorer to circumnavigate the globe and thus sail upon the Pacific Ocean. Ned Hearne and three of his friends make up part of Drake’s crew. The boys will share in Drake’s adventures on the Spanish Main in the 1580s. The heroic adventures of Francis Drake and life on the Spanish Main (Central America) will come alive through the masterful storytelling of G.A. Henty.

In order to get this FREE full length audio book and study guide, just go here to Jim Hodges Audio Books and enter your email address and download code of HSEDrake. This is only available for a limited time, so get it before it expires.

Jim Hodges Audio Books Giveaway

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One Special winner will win 2 Free Audio Books from Jim Hodges Audio Books. Your Choice! A great way to supplement your homeschool!! Enter in the Rafflecopter below:

Thank you for sharing with friends - See disclosure in Rafflecopter
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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Round UP of the Back to HOMEschool Giveaways!

Big Giveaway Round-up! 

These are the INDIVIDUAL Giveaways we have - 

A Journey Through Learning- Lapbooks 

Back to HOMEschool Big Discount on Math Curriculum for the Whole Family! 

Use the following link and discount comes off automatically at check out - you will see the below listed prices before you have to pay - you can also choose monthly or quarterly options - also at a large discount!

Or Choose Quarterly Pricing: 

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Adventures in ChildRearing - Everyday Exploring Wildlife Giveaway

Adventures In ChildRearing is launching an entire line of Wildlife lessons! These soon to be released unit studies will include Science, Bible, handwriting, spelling, vocabulary, games and videos, history and more! 

Learn about the world around you and work with multiple age children at the same time . . . . then just add your math! 


Start your Wildlife Binder today with these FREE cover pages and notebooking pages - then add to it as you complete wildlife and nature studies through the year! 

Giveaway - Win a 4 pack of Wildlife Lessons: 
Sand Dollars 
The Magnificent Frigate Bird

And 2 Sets of Binder Pages 

Enter with 1 link or enter with them all: 

Just add math!

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A+ Interactive Math - Back to HOMEschool Bash - MEGA Giveaway!

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It's an exciting time of the year! It's that time when homeschool moms and families everywhere are gathering curriculum, making plans, and stocking up on Back to HOMEschool  supplies. With that in mind - we've put together a Facebook party to celebrate with FREEBIES, books, and curriculum you are sure to love.


You will have the chance to enter to win a Laptop Computer with lots of curriculum. You'll also have the chance to enter many individual giveaways all together worth thousands of dollars. We are so glad you are here. The giveaways will stay open through Monday. Check the A+ Facebook page and your email for winners.

 photo bandicam2014-08-0516-37-46-282_zpsd602aa96.png

One family will win products from all of the following companies as well as a laptop from A+ Interactive Math  . . . AND math curriculum for the entire family with access to ALL grade levels.

Fantastic homeschool companies participating in the Back to HOMEschool MEGA Giveaway:

Enter the MEGA Giveaway with 1 entry - or use them all for more chances to win BIG!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Take advantage of our Back to HOMEschool Special - The only math program your family needs with access to ALL grade levels. Get 1 - 10 student packages for $67.50 - $135 with the link below.

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Head back to the A+ Interactive Math Facebook Page to join the party and enter MORE giveaways! We have tons of individual giveaways - each with a different winner. GO HERE

A Journey Through Learning Lapbook Giveaway

We have a special announcement! A+ Interactive Math is partnering with AJTL to bring you awesome new MATH Lapbooks!!! 

If you are not yet familiar with lapbooking or with AJTL - hop over and check out their site here. 
Lapbooking ads a creative flair to your homeschool studies and helps students retain what they learn. 

Check out the Express lapbooks to try it out for only $1 in your homeschool - GO HERE

Enter the giveaway with 1 entry or enter with them all: 

Need Math?