Thursday, August 7, 2014

Giveaway SKrafty Minecraft Homeschool Classes for fall

SKrafty Minecraft Homeschool classes are inspiring kids to WANT to learn! Really! 
How does one incorporate the popular game of Minecraft into their family homeschool? Sign up for classes with SKrafty (more and more options added all the time) and kids will follow weekly assignments from some of your favorite homeschool companies. After they complete the assignment - they log in to the SKrafty server to complete a Minecraft assignment that goes along with the lesson. 

Learning about the pyramids of Egypt? Kids may build their own pyramid in Minecraft. Learning about the American government? The Minecraft assignment may be to build an American icon. There is no limit to the things kids can create, and it not only enforces what they have already learned, but it inspires them to want to learn more. 

Better yet, the SKrafty server is monitored by homeschool parents and follows strict rules of conduct to protect and teach kids. 

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SKrafty and A+ Interactive Math - Classes for Fall 
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