Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Individual Grade Levels vs. Family Packages

With so many options available - it can be confusing as you go to look for the right curriculum for your family. We hope this helps to determine what is best for your family.

What is the big difference between A+ Interactive Math "Individual Grade Levels" and the "Family Packages"? 


With ALL A+ Interactive Math Online  - you get 1 Year of Access to engaging math lessons which are in sequential order for your convenience. Each includes an approximate 5 - 7 minute lesson which will teach a particular concept, followed up immediately with an interactive review on that concept.  Further practice is provided by a worksheet for each lesson to reinforce learning. 

Student progress is tracked for you. Each chapter includes an exam and answer keys for worksheet and exams. ALL grading is tracked for you. The worksheets are printable, or can be done online, and you have access to eBook format to read through the lessons in addition to the videos. ALL of the grade levels are based on  "college prep" materials which will prepare your students for higher math. 

The lessons takes approximately 30 minutes each day to complete including video, interactive review, and worksheet - largely eliminating tears and frustration over math time! 

So what's the difference? 

The Family Packages - whether you have 1 student or 10 - includes access to ALL grade levels K1- Algebra1 at any time - for each student!  This means that you can back up students and review trouble spots, OR you can move students ahead to the next grade level within that year of math. 

For instance - if you have a 4th grader who is struggling to understand fractions - you can back them up to 3rd or 2nd grade fractions and let them watch the lessons on that material for a week, or a month (whatever is needed) until they can move forward with confidence. 

You'll be able to identify weak areas and fill in learning gaps so that you know you are providing the BEST math education available for your child. 

The ability to move around between grade levels, the comprehensiveness of this curriculum, and the efficiency of the concise videos with interactive review - make the Family Math Packages - THE BEST deal for your family. 


  • Change grade levels as needed
  • Online video lessons 
  • Interactive review 
  • Online and printable worksheets 
  • Online exams 
  • Tracks grades and individual student progress for you 
  • Parent account allows parental control and parent access to all lessons and information 
  • Repeat lessons as often as needed 
  • Uses video, audio, and text teaching methods to reach all of the main learning types 
  • Encourages student progress and independence 
  • Identify and close learning gaps 
  • Move students back and forth as needed between grade levels 
  • College prep materials prepare students for higher math
  • One low price for the entire family vs. purchasing individual grade levels 
  • Additional products available include: Books, Printed Workbooks, Manipulatives and more 

A+ carries a variety of products to meet all the math needs in your family homeschool!
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