Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Introduction to Geometry - FREE Math Lesson K-2nd

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Introduction to Geometry K-2 

FREE Math Lesson - worksheet and solution guide 
Step by step explanations on beginning geometry with a worksheet to practice what you learn, and a solution guide with step by step explanation for answers. 

Sample pages: 

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No More Tears at Math Time

If you need a family math program that will take the tears out of math time . . . A+ Interactive Math is perfect for you! Complete lessons in 30 minutes (approx) each day. Watch a 7-10 minute video to learn a concept, immediate follow-up with interactive review on the concept where student completes about 8 - 10 questions, then follow up with a worksheet for another 10 - 15 questions.

Students don't associate the interactive review with the worksheet - so they aren't bogged down and discouraged looking at some 20 - 30 math problems on the worksheet. 10 - 15 worksheet problems are much more "do-able", yet student gets all the practice and interactive feedback they need!

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