Thursday, August 7, 2014

Moore Family Films Complete Set Giveaway

  •  More Than Making Maple Syrup 
  • Children are a Blessing
  • It Is Your Life:  The Moss Family
  • and It Is Your Life:  The Moody Family
  • New! ABC Say It With Me

Moore Family Films are family friendly - good old fashioned family values and biblical principles are the basis for the films. 

Their newest release: 

A copy of this video will be included in the MEGA giveaway! 

What others say: 

"What a delight!  Thank you for 
using KJV."   ~ Carol, OH

"Oh, my children have enjoyed the film so much! Even my oldest (14) does not mind watching with her younger siblings." ~ Heather, MO

"We love the ABC DVD and our girls start their day out watching it most mornings. Our two year old was sitting at the dinner table a couple days ago and out of nowhere she said..Be ye kind to one another. That came from watching your DVD."  ~ Michael, KY

"The teachable scenes for each verse are great everyday examples of how to apply the scripture to our lives."    ~ Kimberly


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