Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Teaching Math at home Successfully

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For some parents, the thoughts of taking their child's math education into their own hands - is a frightening aspect of the homeschool endeavor. The good new is, it doesn't have to be! 

With the resources available for today's homeschoolers and with a few good tricks of the trade, you can enjoy success and the security of knowing you are giving your children a foundation they can count on. 

Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are - no matter how prepared you think you are - no matter how wonderful your curriculum may be . . . . . things just take a turn for the worst and suddenly - kids are crying, no one is cooperating and your family homeschool is taking a nose dive! 

What to do when things are NOT going well? 

If things aren't going well in your homeschool - step away from the books, leave the tears behind. It's time to RESET the TONE in your family homeschool. 

A few ideas on how to make that happen: 
  • Head outdoors for the park
  • Take a walk 
  • Bake cookies together 
  • Say a prayer  
  • Send everyone back to their rooms to take deep breaths & then come out to pretend it's a brand new day! 
  • Put on some praise or cheerful music 
  • Have everyone drop and do push-ups (make it silly and fun) 
  • Change subjects - if math is troubling you - go read a favorite book together 
  • Play a game - get out a board game (many of them are educational) 
  • Go pick some wildflowers 
  • Blow bubbles outside or dandelions 
  • Play hopscotch and sneak in some math drills 

When all is calm and everyone is wearing a smile - have a good conversation with the kiddos about tackling your school work together. Pull together as a team to accomplish what needs to be done so that you can spend more time playing together. Once the kids realize you are with them, and not against them, that you understand and care about their frustration - they will be much more willing and able to listen. And, once you've had a reset on your own attitude - you'll be able to determine exactly what course of action is needed most.

At that point - you can ALL get back to your homeschool with a whole new attitude!