Thursday, October 2, 2014

Flexible Math Program - On Sale

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A+ uses 3 main learning models to reach different style learners 
  • Audio
  • Visual
  • Text 
·                . . . . and help your child achieve mastery of each math concept

A+ is tailored to fit homeschool families
  • Enjoy maximum flexibility 
  • Family Packages - affordable & flexible (move students between grade levels as needed) 
  • Activate only when you are ready
  • Parent account gives parents control - supervise, plan, control settings
  • Comprehensive curriculum for K1 - Algebra 1 - launching new products regularly - books, manipulatives and more
  • Affordable plans with NO Contract

Take the pain out of math time! 

In just 30 minutes a day – your students can do a 5-10 minute video lesson, a 5-10 minute Interactive Review, and follow up with a worksheet to put in to practice what they have learned.

Family Packages will allow you to move your students back and forth through the grade levels. You’ll have access to K1 – Algebra 1 for each child.

Back up and review any grade level – or move ahead as needed. 

A+ will prepare your students to succeed in higher level math.

1-Student 1 Year $89.99
2-Student 1 Year $119.99
3-Student 1 Year $150
Up to 10+ students!