Friday, March 6, 2015

Top 12 Reasons to use this “Adaptive Placement Test w/ Lessons” program – Yes, the testing is Free.

You may ask why should I use this "Adaptive Placement Test w/ Lessons" program? What makes it better than other placements tests? Here are the TOP 12 Reasons,
  1. Multi-grade level testing accurately assesses student skill level.
  2. Small “unit-test” for each major math concept provides more comprehensive assessment.
  3. Students take 15 to 20 minute long “unit-tests” over a period of time at their own pace and NOT a big long boring cumulative test. This avoids fatigue, boredom and makes it more manageable.
  4. Easy to read and very visual report instantly shows you strengths and areas of concern. Even a 5-year old student can interpret the report with clear goal line (see pictures below).
  5. “Personalized” lesson plan specifically targets the problem areas with video lessons, interactive review, practice problems, step-by-step solutions and more…
  6. Video lesson are fun, engaging and very effective as they relate to examples from daily life to make math more relevant
  7. Interactive reviews automatically re-teach math concepts where needed.
  8. Practice problems allow students to apply math concepts with step-by-step-solutions that reinforce math concepts when needed.
  9. Students make HUGE progress in just 30 minutes or less each day.
  10. Students can re-take any “unit-test” and immediately see progress towards or beyond the goal line.
  11. Can be used with any student regardless of what Math curriculum the student is using and his/her skill level!
  12. FREE- the “Placement Test” with various reports is TOTALLY FREE. Personalized lesson plan to target problem areas can be added for a small fee.
Students make HUGE progress in just 30 minutes or less per day!
Need the "Math Placement Test w/ Lessons" program with personalized lesson plan that includes everything you need to attack the problem area in addition to free "Placement Testing"?
No Problem! We got you covered! Buy the "Math Placement Test w/ Lessons" here!
How does it work?
1. Each one of your student takes a “unit test” for each major concept to identify current skill level.
2. The program then creates an “Individualized” lesson plan your student can follow which includes everything you need.
3. You measure progress using various easy-to-read and very visual reports as your students master various skills and close learning gaps.
You can use this program to “Identify & Close” learning gaps in Math regardless of what Math curriculum you are using.
An “individualized” lesson plan includes everything you need to close the learning gaps!
* Colorful, engaging and fun multimedia lessons that teach math concepts using audio, visuals and text. Lessons make frequent reference to examples from daily life to make learning math more relevant.
* Interactive Review for each lesson identifies and closes learning gaps by automatically re-teaching math concept if student provides an incorrect answer to any questions.
* Worksheets to apply math concept and practice problem solving with automatic grading and tracking.
* Various reports to measure student progress.