Friday, March 20, 2015

Top 12 Reasons to Use "Family Math Packages" from A+ Interactive Math

You may ask why should I use this Homeschool "Family Math Packages" program from A+ Interactive Math? What makes it better than other programs out there? Here are the TOP 12 Reasons,

  1. Comprehensive Math Curriculum with access to ALL grade levels (K1-Algebra1) for ONE LOW price.
  2. Allows you to change grade level for any student, any time.
  3. Multiple student options - huge multiple student discount makes it affordable for any size budget.
  4. Teaches, Grades, Tracks, Reviews  and Measures – ALL Automatically.
  5. Video lesson are fun, engaging and very effective as they relate to examples from daily life to make math more relevant
  6. Interactive reviews automatically re-teach math concepts where needed.
  7. Practice problems allow students to apply math concepts with step-by-step-solutions that reinforce math concepts when needed.
  8. Students make HUGE progress in just 30 minutes or less each day.
  9. Chapter tests and cumulative reviews help with long-term retention.
  10. Automatic grading and tracking provides instant access to student progress.
  11. Printable option provides additional flexibility to work off-line when needed.
  12. Parental controls allow you to optimize program features to fit your student’s specific needs.

FREE-1-month access to “Family Math Package”