Friday, July 31, 2015

You can SAVE 60% on Homeschool Math Today between 10:00AM and 4:00PM

A+ Interactive Math is one of the highly recommended curriculum. TOS Review Crew has reviewed it as well as Cathy Duffy has reviewed it. Today there is a 6-hour SPECIAL 60% OFF sale between 10:00AM and 6:00PM.

You can buy now and use the program later. The start date will be the day you "activate" it. So buy it for immediate use or even next homeschool year.
What do you get?
Online access to our comprehensive Math curriculum. All you need is a high-speed internet connection. You can access this program from any where.
Students make HUGE progress in just 30 minutes or less per day!

A+ Interactive Math Online Highlights

Student Features:
1. Comprehensive course contents.
2. Fun, colorful and engaging video lessons (audio, visuals, and text).
3. Interactive Review for each lesson identifies and closes learning gaps as it automatically re-teaches concepts.
4. Enhances student learning by allowing them to practice problem solving with real-time feedback and step-by-step instructions.
5. Automatically generated worksheets and exams can be completed online- instantly graded & recorded.
6. Review each question for online worksheets and exams with step-by-step solutions.
7. Create additional worksheets and exams for more practice.
8. Progress reports allow student to track their own success and encourage independent learning.
9. Printable worksheets and exams allow flexibility to practice problem solving "off-line".
10. Curriculum Books provide easy access to lessons in eBook format.
11. Worksheets and Exams Solution Guides provide step-by-step solutions.
12. Quick Reference Guide provides easy access to facts and formulas.
Parental Features:
1. Recommended Lesson Plan.
2. Instant online grading.
3. Parental controls allow parents to lock solution guides and optimize certain program features.
4. Progress reports identify areas of strengths and weaknesses.
5. Ability to print worksheets/exams and enter students scores to track progress for all work completed offline.