Friday, August 21, 2015

Homeschooling Math $1/month - Math Curriculum w/ Lessons eBook (PDFs), Worksheets & Tests w/ Automatic Grading N Tracking

Most of the homeschooling families live on a shoe-string budget and can't afford to get a quality math curriculum that does most of the work for them w/ automatic grading N tracking. Well NOT any more...

Just $1/month - Math Curriculum w/ Lesson eBooks (PDFs), Worksheets & Tests w/ Automatic Grading N Tracking, and much more... Typically, the Curriculum eBook (PDF Lessons) is sold separately as an "add-on" but for a limited time, we are offering it as a BONUS. This makes it a COMPLETE and Comprehensive math curriculum for only $12 for a whole year.
FREE for Families with real financial hardship. Read below for more information.

What do you get?
  • BONUS – Curriculum eBook
  • Unlimited Worksheets & Tests (online or print PDF)
  • Worksheets & tests already generated for you or generate new ones from the “database” of questions
  • Parent can generate and assign worksheets & tests (optional)
  • Students complete worksheets online or offline (printed PDF)
  • Step-by-Step Solution to each problem
  • Automatic Grading & Tracking (online worksheets & tests)
  • Easy to read reports
  • Plenty of practice to master math concepts
  • Available for 1st-6th Grades, Pre-Algebra, & Algebra 1
(NO Credit Card Needed)


Just $12/Year or FREE for families who can't afford even $12 and have a "real" financial hardship: As you may know, our mission at the A+ Interactive Math is to reach every homeschool family and provide them access to this GREAT resource at the lowest possible cost or even for FREE. If you know a homeschool family that simply cannot afford even $12 for this valuable resource, we will give it to them for FREE. Please complete this FREE Curriculum Request Form.

Why this new program and what’s so GREAT about it?
Most homeschool moms spend a minimum of 2 to 3 hours for each child homeschooling Math. Just for $1/month, this program can give you most of that time back with Unlimited worksheets, tests, step-by-step solutions and automatic grading & tracking. BONUS curriculum eBook (PDF Lessons) makes this a complete and ONLY math curriculum you will need – ALL this for just $1/month!

This will be the BEST $12 you would spend on a Math Curriculum! Guaranteed!

It provides comprehensive coverage of ALL math concepts for each grade level. Worksheets and tests are clearly aligned to specific lessons students ought to learn in each grade level. It’s all done for you so you don’t have to figure out what worksheets and test are appropriate.

Want Printed Textbook? We have that also. Visit here and then click on "Curriculum Textbook" tab to purchase.

Why so LOW? Why charge even $1/month and not offer it FREE?
Well $12/year is barely enough to keep the lights on. Just like you, we too have families and employees with their families to care for. Plus we have other overheads too.

Our mission is to reach every homeschool family and provide them access to this GREAT resource at the lowest possible cost. So please help us reach other homeschool families and keep the cost of this wonderful program LOW. Please share with any and all homeschool families in your contact.