Thursday, August 27, 2015

The CHEAPEST way to homeschool math WITHOUT you doing most of the work!

Math is the subject that makes most homeschooling parents a little “weak-in-the-knees”, yet Math is all around us! It is difficult to find a quality math curriculum that does most of the work for you for a “shoe-string” budget - UNTIL NOW!

You DON'T have to compromise the quality of a math curriculum to get the curriculum that does most of the work for you. What if I told you there is a company that cares a great deal about the homeschool community and it is offering a SOLID math curriculum for just $12 for the whole year - would you believe me?

Yes, I am confident that you will after I discuss what this curriculum can do for you for just $12 for the whole year online access. That company is A+ Interactive Math,
This is a comprehensive and solid math curriculum that includes curriculum (lessons) eBook, worksheets for each lesson, chapter tests, solution manuals for each problem on the worksheets and tests, easy-to-read reports, parental controls, AND it automatically grades and tracks students work for you.

This math curriculum is a HUGE time saver for the busy homeschool moms. It creates, assigns, and grades assignments (worksheets and tests) and tracks student progress for you so you don't have to. This will easily save you 2 to 3 hours each week and get rid off all the frustration of checking and tracking student work. You do have to teach but wait there is help! The curriculum eBook includes fun, colorful and engaging lessons that make teaching math a breeze with easy to follow explanations and lots of visuals.

ALL this for just $12 (limited time offer)! The curriculum eBook is typically extra but for a limited time it is included as a BONUS.

So do you believe me now when I told you that you don't have to break the bank - you can get a quality math curriculum for just $12?

Here is what you get,
  • Curriculum eBook (PDF Lessons) – BONUS for a limited time.
  • Unlimited Worksheets & Tests (online or print PDF)
  • Worksheets & tests already generated for you or generate new ones with a click of a button
  • Students complete worksheets online or offline (print PDF)
  • Step-by-Step Solution to each problem
  • Automatic Grading & Tracking (online worksheets & tests)
  • Easy to read and printable reports
  • Parent can generate and assign worksheets & tests (optional)
  • Available for 1st-6th Grades, Pre-Algebra,& Algebra 1

Key Benefits:
  • Curriculum eBook (PDF Lessons) – Fun, colorful, engaging and easy to follow with lots of visuals.
  • Worksheets and tests with automatic grading N tracking – Saves you valuable time (2 to 3 hours for each child)
  • Easy to read reports – provide instant access to student progress (strengths and areas of concern)
  • Use as the main math curriculum or as a supplement - Excellent choice to practice math concepts to build mastery
  • Plenty of practice to master math concepts – thousands of practice problems with step-by-step solution
  • Easy to Use - User-friendly navigation will get you going in minutes.
  • Affordable for ANY budget – Just $1/month
  • Accessible 24/7 with high-speed internet connection from anywhere
You cannot go wrong with just $12 for this curriculum which does so much for you!