Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Answer to the MOST important question - What should My Students Learn for their Grade Level? FREE Math Lesson Plan...

Most homeschool moms  are super busy trying to make sure that their students are getting quality education at home. Oftentimes, they do not have time to thoroughly research  and learn what their students should be learning at each grade level. It is absolutely critical that you know what is expected at each grade level and make arrangements to provide the learning materials that cover all appropriate math concepts adequately.

You DON"T have to guess any longer. Click the link(s) below to get the FREE Math Lesson Plan.
1st Grade Math Lesson Plan
2nd Grade Math Lesson Plan
3rd Grade Math Lesson Plan
4th Grade Math Lesson Plan
5th Grade Math Lesson Plan
6th Grade Math Lesson Plan

This thorough lesson plan for each grade level tells you specifically what your students should be learning. It completely eliminates the guess work on your part. It provides a lesson plan week-by-week.  However, you may adjust the timing as needed to match your student's learning pace so long as you cover ALL of the math concepts by the completion of the homeschool year.

There are numerous  math curriculum options available to you and this  plan can be used with any math curriculum to check and make sure the curriculum covers all the math concepts. As a matter of fact, you can create your own math curriculum using this plan if you like.

How to use this FREE Lesson Plan?
You can print the lesson plan and use it to track weekly activities. The lesson plan  provides a plan along with the “unit” name  for each week. Each week then provides specific math lesson names along with the space where you can provide a completion date.

There are mainly three parts to learning,
1. Learn the math concept.
2. Practice problem solving  where you apply the math concept.
3. Check progress and review as  necessary.

After you complete each lesson (learn the math concept and practice problem solving), simply note the completion date  in the space provided for each lesson.

At the end of the week, check progress and review as necessary. Also, you may make appropriate notes in the space provided.

Looking for Unit Lessons for Math?
Everything you need  - ALL ready for you! Lessons (PDFs), Worksheets and Solution Guides for only $1.99 each unit.