Wednesday, March 2, 2016

NEW - "Math Mini Courses - Online". Target "Weak" areas in Math! A Total of 20 Mini Courses Available!

What is it?
Math Mini Courses Online from A+ Interactive Math are affordable and excellent way to close learning gaps in particular areas of Math where students may have weakness. Each mini course covers a logical group of specific math concepts from several grade levels. It offers an in-depth review of math concepts from a very basic to a more advanced level. Mini Math courses help build a strong foundation in Math by providing students with consistent review of the specific areas in which they're weak.

Each mini course includes 10 to 35 video lessons with interactive review, practice problems that can be completed online or offline, step-by-step solution to further reinforce the math concepts, and automatic grading & tracking with easy-to-read reports.

What Do I Get?
There are a total of 20 Math Mini Courses available Online from A+ Interactive Math. Each Math Mini Course provides 1 year access online for a very affordable price of just $9.99 to $19.99. However, in most cases students can complete each mini course in 2 to 3 months.
Math Mini Courses Online Include,
  • Multimedia Lessons that teach math concepts with fun, colorful and engaging computer animated video lessons, audio and text with frequent reference to examples from daily life to help with retention.
  • Interactive Review for each lesson that helps students/parents identify and close learning gaps.
  • Worksheets that provide extra practice to help master each math concept.
  • Automatic grading and tracking with easy-to-read progress reports.
  • Solution Guides that provide detailed step-by-step solutions with visuals to each problem on worksheets.
  • Full text versions of lessons that provide additional flexibility for those who like to read through the lessons.
  • Printable worksheets and tests for practice offline.
 Here is a list of all 20 Mini Math Courses?
  1. Counting and Identifying Numbers, For Grades 1st - 3rd,    15 Lessons
  2. Place Value and Number Combinations, For Grades 1st - 3rd, 15 Lessons
  3. Naming, Comparing and Arranging Numbers, For Grades 1st - 3rd, 17 Lessons
  4. Early Elementary Fractions, For Grades 1st - 3rd, 10 Lessons
  5. Early Elementary Addition, For Grades 1st - 3rd , 17 Lessons
  6. Early Elementary Subtraction, For Grades 1st - 3rd, 15 Lessons
  7. Elementary & Middle School Multiplication, For Grades 2nd - 6th, 13 Lessons
  8. Elementary & Middle School Division, For Grades 2nd - 6th, 15 Lessons
  9. Tables, Charts and Graphs, For Grades 1st - 6th, 17 Lessons
  10. Elementary Geometry, For Grades 1st - 4th, 19 Lessons
  11. Elementary Algebra, For Grades 1st - 4th, 27 Lessons
  12. Advanced Geometry, For Grades 4th - 7th, 35 Lessons
  13. Advanced Fractions, For Grades 4th - 8th, 26 Lessons
  14. Decimal Numbers, For Grades 3rd - 7th, 20 Lessons
  15. Percentages, For Grades 5th - 8th, 13 Lessons
  16. Time, For Grades 1st - 4th, 20 Lessons
  17. Money, For Grades 1st - 5th, 18 Lessons
  18. Number Types and Conversions, For Grades 3rd - 6th, 35 Lessons
  19. Ratio, Proportions, Probability & Statistics, For Grades 3rd - 6th, 14 Lessons
  20. Measurements and Conversions, For Grades 2st - 6th, 23 Lessons