Monday, January 16, 2017

Earn 40% Commission - Open your own Store on (No cost to you, you don't need your own products)!

If you have a blog and/or if you are active in the education market (homeschool, classroom teaching, tutoring etc...), you could make 40% commission! You could make $400 or more for just 2 hours a week! Read on, I will show you how...

Why open your own store on
  1. NO investment on your part (FREE to open the store)
  2. You DON’T need your own products (we set up your store from our central catalog)
  3. You DON’T have to worry about shipping and handling – NO overhead costs for you (we take care of everything for you)
  4. You get your own personal store on (example:
  5. You get to sell products that are discounted by 50% to 80% (no kidding - we make it easy for you to market & sell)
  6. We will offer "Weekly Promotions" and notify you in advance so you can plan your marketing efforts (if you chose so). We will give you all the tools - product descriptions, images, sample of blog article etc...
  7. You get to sell products that have great name recognition in the education market (hundreds of reviews, reviewed by Cathy Duffy, Schoolhouse Crew and hundreds of teachers, homeschool moms and bloggers)
  8. You use your existing network (blog, support groups, social media) to market your own store and earn 40%
  9. You get notified of each sale and you track your sales and earnings by simply logging into your account!
You ask - How Do I Make Money? Is it worth my time?
It is absolutely worth your time. If you like most of us out there, you are already spending a lot of time connecting with other like-minded people via your blog and/or social media - you might as well use that same time and make serious money ($400 or more for just 2 hours a week). But how? - you asked! Let me show you,

But how do I really reach out to people to Market my own Online Store?
EASY - Here are some things you can do...

You should reach out to 10,000 potential customers. This may sound like a hard thing to do but in today's digital age, it's actually pretty easy. Here is How!
  1. If you are a blogger, most likely you already have good number of followers -  reach out to them
  2. Create a simple blog post (about 20 to 30 minutes of your time)
  3. Send out a newsletter to your audience
  4. Reach out to homeschool support group leaders and state organizations and/or teachers
  5. Share your blog post with other bloggers to cross-promote
  6. Share your blog post on various social media where allowed  -  Facebook timeline, Your Facebook Page, Various Facebook Groups, Pinterest boards, Twitter, Google Communities, Instagram etc…
How Do I open My Own Store? - You Ask!
It takes less than 2 minutes of your time - Really!

Click on "Create an Account" button under "Don't have an account yet?" and follow the instructions.