Thursday, July 6, 2017

Must have Math Curriculum Bundle – Top 12 Reasons!

A+ Interactive Math has been serving the homeschool community for over 6 years now with various products to meet the needs of just about any homeschool family at the LOWEST COST. Starting out with a very simple single product, it has steadily released well-researched and well-crafted innovative products to meet your unique needs – Online, CD Software, eBooks and Printed Curriculum Bundles.

Many homeschool families prefer more traditional “Hard-copy Textbook/Workbook” approach (and for the right reasons) to their homeschooling despite easily accessible fully automated computer curriculum products. A+ Interactive Math is here to serve you as well if you prefer this traditional “Hard-copy Textbook/Workbook” approach – at the LOWEST COST!

Let me introduce Math Curriculum Bundle – A complete package with Textbook, Workbook and Solution Guides!

Top 12 Reasons – You must have Math Curriculum Bundle from A+ Interactive Math!
  1. No more guess work – You get a comprehensive Curriculum Bundle with Textbook, Workbook and Solution Guides CD (PDFs) – ALL for one low price!
  2. Curriculum Bundle provides an affordable way to homeschool in a more traditional setting (pencil-n-paper) without kids being on the Internet.
  3. Textbook contains lessons that are easy to follow. Lessons refer to examples from real-life where possible which makes learning math fun and relevant. – You don’t have to be a teacher to teach!
  4. Workbook contains practice worksheets that help reinforce math lessons in the textbook.
  5. Workbook provides plenty of working space where students show their work and it keeps it all-together for future reference.
  6. Workbook also provides chapter tests that cover all lessons in a chapter. This is great to ensure student hasn’t forgotten what was learnt in previous lessons.
  7. Workbook provides “answer key” to each worksheet and test question to quickly check the final answer.
  8. Worksheets and Chapter Tests provide just enough practice to help your student “master” math concepts without overwhelming them.
  9. A CD with Solution Guide PDFs allow easy access to step-by-step solutions to each worksheet and test problem. No guessing!
  10. Each Solution Guide PDF is numbered to match the corresponding Worksheet and Chapter Test in the Workbook. This allows you to easily find just what you need.
  11. The Textbook and Solutions Guides are re-usable. You can even resale it. This saves you money. All you will need is a workbook when re-using for another child in future.
  12. The curriculum from A+ Interactive Math is “proven” and “trusted” by over 10,000 homeschooling families.

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