Saturday, February 3, 2018

Common Myths In Math

What are some common myths in math?

Math anxiety has been the concern of many students. Staring at blank papers or screens, constant head scratching, and shaky hands these are the usual scenarios in a person that is having problems with math.

It has been the mission of many math educators to present math in the easiest way possible. Aside from the usually tedious "teaching method," more and more techniques and modes are being presented to students for them to like math. However, not everybody takes the bait. No matter how math educator present the subject, mathematical concepts just wont sink in to the minds of some students.

 So where is the real problem? Who gets the blame? Is it the student who, no matter how you teach math, seems to stare at you aimlessly? Maybe, it's the complicated formula, that no matter how people try to simplify it, the problem itself is intricately difficult. Or maybe, we can blame an incompetent instructor who, instead presenting math to be a breeze, confuse the students with the way they present the subject.

Our mind is the math anxiety battleground, therefore, as according to studies, we should first uproot the clutter that we shall refer to as "math myths." These are pop concepts that are entered in the minds of the students. They fuel their skepticism and inhibit our minds toward math. Here are the myths.

1 problem = 1 solution

Students are accustomed that to answer math problems, they must memorize the formula. This is not entirely true. Though we must answer the problem using the formula as the guide, math educators encourage students not only to memorize the problem but more so, understand the problem. In understanding the problem, you can easily derive an alternative formula that you can use aside from what your math professor teaches you. With more options in your mind, the lesser the possibility to have math anxiety. Remember that there are other possibilities to be explored rather the memorizing the formula.

Average people = not math people

This is idea has long pestered and discouraged the minds of the students. They believe that those who are mathematically-inclined are the only ones who are destined for math excellence. While there are students who were born to be mathematically "gifted," still, most people who have acquired mathematical fame brag not on genes but on hard work and perseverance.

People who constantly feel inferior because of math inadequacy also suffer social anxiety. This is characterized to be the fear socializing or being evaluated by peers. In this light, instead of pressing on they contend themselves on being average.

Math = Guy Stuff

This notion has been the notion for many. This tells us that while female students excel in English subjects, male students dominate the math world. This is another generalization which serves no real-world purpose or solution. No matter on what angle we look at it, this myth is not really constructive as female students have always proven their worth in math-related subjects.

Math anxiety, is a real problem that has long pestered the minds of the students. And with the addition of being compared to math "geniuses," a form a social anxiety; this further complicates the problem. That is why it is always wiser to overcome it first, before trying any other "math-promoting" formula, to tame the mind and get rid of myths that will not help us in overcoming the math phobia. All of these mathematical myths are just like any myth - "all in the mind."

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