About Us

The Blog: 

A+ Interactive Math blog has been developed as a resource for homeschool families. You will find information, encouragement, and free materials to enhance your homeschool. Although we are a Math company providing math curriculum - the blog incorporates other areas to help improve your families homeschool experience.

Our mission: The team at A+ is dedicated to the support and education of our customers and the homeschool community as a whole. We desire to partner with you to ensure your child develops not only an understanding of math concepts, but also enjoys the experience so to maintain a positive attitude about math in the future.

The Curriculum: A+ Interactive Math incorporate fun graphics with visual, audio, and text which encompasses the major learning styles.

Each grade level includes a comprehensive curriculum developed, by homeschool families - for homeschool families - to ensure there are no gaps in your child's math education. A+ provides a solid foundation for future math studies.

Details: A+ Interactive Math can take your child from Kindergarten through Algebra I. We are continually working with professional mathematician's, graphic designers, and homeschool families in developing more products and innovative ways to support math education within the homeschool community.